Were Back..

Kakagulat talaga mga balita ngayon, pagbukas ko ng email eh bungad agad sa akin ang e-mail ng GamePal saying na back to business ulit sila. Naalala ko lang yung mga grudge namin sa company na iyan. Luckily eh may nahanap pa akong co-gamers na nagbigay ng not so nice reaction sa isang blog. Here is teh comment..

I started working for Gamepal since December 2006. I have been in there for five months and there’s not a day that i don’t sweat because of scorching environment. Philippines is a tropical country but when i enter my workplace, I just say to myself “Welcome to hell” its like entering an instance in WOW there’s a barrier between cool and hot environment.

And our pay was only $220 a month that amount of money can be made by Americans in as little as 4 or 5 days and we have to do it for a month it was really hardwork and we have to play 4 accounts of World of Warcraft. Eric Smith (OWNER of Gamepal) was a real-life Slave driver when his employees are experiencing lag he would still insist on the 4 account policy.

Thank god it was reduced to 3 accounts because the PL’s (power leveler) can handle the 3 accounts very efficiently with a bot program of course. i was one of the chosen to becone a guinea pig for their experiment they want to see if a PL can handle 2 computers with 3 accounts on each other that makes 6 accounts(damn with my excellent performance)

Thank god it did’nt happen my time with gamepal was shortlived on march 2007 there was massive firing of personnel luckily i was not one of the chosen i suspect that they based the firing people on their IQ good thing i had high IQ so it did not happen to me in the end out 200 PL only 60 people remain only the best of the best remain i forgot to say they changed the game that we play from WOW to FFXI i really did’nt like FFXI maybe because i was really into WOW.

Then on april 29 they told us that all employees are now relieved of position i guess that’s why ERIC SMITH has not been sighthed for a month he was probably hiding from the angry mobs of ex-employees he fired because he was firing people with concrete basis what he did was a violation in the labor code of my country.

They said Gamepal Philippines may return in about 6 months then they are going to call us then we became regular employees i was amazed that some of my colleagues actually stole computer parts in the computers that we are using they stole

2 geforce 7600GTS 256 DDR2 video card

Maybe it was just for revenge, I wish was able to get at least 1 of those RAM’s. Wow i said a lot things about gamepal. I like playing wow with american players they had etiquette unlike players here in philippines ( they’d just ignore most of the time only a few percent would help if WOW is release in my country ),they really help people with their quest well its the opposite i when run into characters of different faction they always ganked me.


Ang sa akin naman eh wala naman na akong grudge na naiwan sa GamePal wala naman akong magagawa bout that kung magtanggal sila, oo sa simula eh nagalit talaga ako kasi bigla na lang magkakaroon ng tanggalan nang walang pasabi kahit 1 week. Pero nakalipas na iyon at alam ko naman ang reason bakit sila nalugi, I won't say on public basta kakambal na ata ng mga Pinoy iyon.

Just in case na magkaroon ng hiring eh Part time lang kukunin ko para may extra income kahit papano, mahirap na mag Full time, history repeats itself. Ayoko nang magulat pa ulit. Hindi ko pa alam kung operational na ang Manila office nila rito since nag declare sila ng bankruptcy and maybe sa ibang site na sila magbubukas ulit.

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  1. Never stop taking risks. It's what makes life worth living. Just make sure you take extra careful because as you said, history has a funny way of repeating itself

  2. @tukneneng
    iyon na nga eh. sana nga hindi na maulit pa yung mangyayari mga iyon.

  3. vengeful_bitch22@yahoo.com po.. thanks :)

  4. luk mo nlang profile ko for my email.

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