Frustrating Realizations

You find the perfect love,
but in a wrong time;

You find the perfect one,
but he's not in love with you;

You find the perfect one,
but you must be loyal to someone else;

You got the perfect looks,
but no one takes you seriously;

You meet the perfect personality,
but your bound to be just friends;

You got brains,
but you got a frail heart;

You find the courage,
but it's just too late;

Your ready to love,
but you don't know where to start;

How ironic life can be..

4 Reaction(s) :: Frustrating Realizations

  1. sad truth...
    just shows how complicated life errrr love is..

  2. ganun talaga ang buhay. sobrang mahiwaga!

  3. "you got brains butyou got a frail heart"...very hardcOre!

  4. Bff! familiar qoutes....hehe
    The truth hurts!