Quarter Life Crisis

for the past 24 years, anu na nga ba nangyari kay [Jin].. nagkaroon nba ng meaning ang kanyang existence.. may nabago ba, nadagdag o nabawasan sa pagkatao nya.. dumarating talaga ang time na nag reflect ka kung anu na nangyari sa iyo.. anu bang gusto mo sa buhay, natupad mo nba mga pangarap mo.. anu ang next step na gagawin mo sa buhay mo.. habang nag browse ako sa mga blogs eh nakita ko lang itong blog ni Kenny regarding quarter life crisis.. kaya naisip ko na i repost dito.. thanks Kenny for teh entry..

Quarter-life crisis. I don't know if many people are undergoing this moment in life right now, but I have had a few discussions about this recently. This is the point in life when you look back and realize life is flying by you so fast. The youth we once had is quickly fading. And the real world that was sheltered by our parents is flying into our face at lightning speed. It is at this moment, when you quickly realize you haven't accomplished much in life. If someone were to ask you if you have done anything of significance in the first 20 or so years of your life, would you have a good response?

I think I am still in my quarter-life crisis. My future is very uncertain. I really don't know what I will be doing once I graduate next year. I have opportunities available to me, but I'm uncertain which to take. I can jump into the working world or I can go into graduate school. I have been thinking about graduate school in Australia, which will be a big change in my life. But I suppose change is good. Life is all about changing. And perhaps quarter-life crisis are a good thing. It forces us to analyze ourselves and ask questions such as "Is this who I want to be?"

I ask myself that question a lot. This self-reflection has been important to me because there have been times when my response to that question has been "No, this is not who I want to be." Only then, am I forced to acknowledge something is wrong and something has to change. Then, I make the necessary changes. Sounds simple doesn't it? But change is difficult. There are many parts of my life that has changed and it has taken lots of time to change my life the way I want it. But in the end, I create my own happiness. I get to take charge of my life and do the things I enjoy in life. Life is so short and we have to cherish every moment and make the best of it. Don't live by someone else's life. Take charge and make your own uncertain destiny.

I don't know what I want to do in life. But I know what makes me happy in the present and I'm taking charge and ensuring I'm doing what I enjoy each day. Bring on the future!

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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  1. same here dude! But you know what, we need these "pathetic" stages in order for us to realize about the mistakes made and mistakes avoided.

    At least we were given the chance to experience life-even how frustrating it is, because not all people have reached the age of 24. Just be thankful for the experiences.

  2. yeah i am, kahit medyo mahirap.. ok lang.. pray not for easy life but pray how to be a stronger man

  3. amen to that jin. difficulties are the price of learning.

  4. mahirap talaga magpakatao dito sa mundo..