of Youth

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"... if there is one thing i've realized from all the experiences i had, that is risk may take all forms. but its in its uncertainty that leads life to its actual destination. it may never be a wonderland at the end but it would definitely be something worth living for. no one really said that being young assures us of not getting hurt. in fact, it is actually on that condition that leave us most vulnerable. hence, never be scared of falling because it is on that dive where the real life starts.

its never bad to be a peter pan. to soar life with all its heights. but one should later realized peter pan is only a product of our own delusions, that our youth will never betray us. because at the end, we are all like wendy, michael and john, who will be just old characters, watching as another sets of youth take their chance of realizing how is it to be young."
-peter pan's shadow, wandering commuter's blog

36th National Milo Marathon

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Endomondo race analysis, wonderin kulang ba talaga at 4.90 km lang ang naka-record.
Happy na rin at approximately na-break ko ang PR ko *sana*!

thanks to my buddies --> RJ, Christian, Empi, Tolits at kay Maki and his friend sa bonding and friendship, see you next month again sa next gala next natin, happy to be with you again guys! :)

of Decision

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"There are moments in our lives when we make a very important decision that will impact the rest of our lives. The amazing thing is that these major decisions are usually disguised as something small. I am very proud that i am strong enough to decide for myself rather than being afraid of the consequences all the time. When I look back over my life so far I see so many of those moments - and so many times I seem to have made wrong decision - but I tried,I learned, I became stronger."
-taken from a social media site

Isang tulog na lang!

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Pagpupugay sa Atletang Pilipino!

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July 27 – Rachel Cabral and Mark Javier (Archery – Qualifying Rounds)
July 30 and 31, August 1 and August 3 – if they will advance

July 29 – Jessie Khing Lacuna (Swimming – Qualifying Heats)

July 30 – Brian Rosario (Shooting – Qualifying Rounds)
July 31 – if he will advance

July 30 – Hidilyn Diaz (Weightlifting)

July 31 – Mark Barriga (Boxing – First Round)

August 1 – Jasmine Alkhaldi (Swimming – Qualifying Heats)

August 3 – Tomohiko Hoshina (Judo)

August 7 – Marestella Torres (Long Jump)

August 8 – Rene Herrera (5,000m Race)

August 8 – Dennis Caluag (Cycling)

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Trailer

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brings back the good old Super Mario Bros memories on FamiCom..


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ilang weeks nang walang jogging man lang dahil sa bad weather condition, bumabalik na naman ang figure sa dati, *sigh*, i need some motivation, none to avail, hirap pag hindi ka talaga inspired or walang driving force para magpapayat..

Turning Point

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".. Kung nakagawa man tayo ng bawal, sinasadya man o hindi, ang mahalaga ay ang aminin ang kasalanan at huwag na ito muling gawin. Mukhang simple sa unang tingin pero mahirap gawin. Mahirap alisin sa sistema ng pagkatao naten ang mga bagay na nakasanayan na nating gawin. pero, magsisimula lang ang totohanang pagbabago at pagsisisi kapag inumpisahan na nating lumayo sa mga bagay na mali na lagi nating ginagawa noon. Kung seryoso ang isang tao na magbago, gagawin niya ang lahat para totoong magbago.

Lagi nating isipin na masayang mabuhay nang malinis ang konsensya. Yung matutulog ka sa gabi nang payapa at gigising nang magaan ang pakiramdam. Recently, may nangyari sa buhay ko na nagsilbing daan para itigil ko na ang mga kalokohang nakasanayan kong gawin sa loob ilang taon. Honestly, ito lang naman talaga ang hinihintay ko. Yung dumating ung point na wala na akong ibang magagawa kung tigilan na ito at magbago na.

Tapos na ang mga araw na kinokonsinte ko ang sarili ko sa paggawa ng hindi tama. Na sinasabi kong gagawin ko lang naman to hanggang hindi pa ako kinakasal. Alam ko na noon una pa na mali pero ginagawa ko pa rin. Maling mali talaga. Sabi ko nga, mahirap itigil ung nakasanayan nang gawin. Pero sa pagdaan ng mga araw, makakaya ko rin ito. Ang kailangan lang ng gustong magbago ay disiplina sa sarili."
-Pamamaalam...,Life of a Quarter Chinese Boy

teh Copyist

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"... he writes stories, not only his own.  some he borrows from memories, others, he steals from the past.  or he tries to capture the fresh scent of the present. he stays away from the uncertain, the unknown. the future.

stories are his drugs.  ideas are like syringe he injects himself with until he reaches ecstasy. he makes love with words, he craves for them, they make him orgasmic.  he clings to them like they are his lifesaver, a thin thread linking him to his sanity.  they are his lovers in various disguises, the friends he surrounds himself with, he cries and he laughs with them."
-Amanuensis, I Am the Closet Geek


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umaandar ang panahon, pero wala paring nangyayari sa akin.. hanggang kailan ako mag-aantay ng pagbabago na mangyayari, gaano pa katagal, gaano na kalapit.. ewan, hindi ko alam.. paunti-unti nauubos na ang panahon para sa akin..

Shin Chan

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Iinom ka pa ba?

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teh 6th!

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Teh Other side of [Jin] turns 6 (June)
9 years as a blogger
100 followers  (Google Friend Connect)
2,090 blogpost
143,000 pageviews (Statcounter)

of Irony

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teh endless Cycle

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Been with Mr. Simple. Life was indeed simple, we laugh to our heart's content on petty and shallow things. We found happiness on life's simplicity. But life's comrade-"change" came along, we have to part ways to give way for our dreams. And for him to have his dreams.

Along the way I met jack of all trades master of none. Never did he stop amazing me. Talented indeed. Caring and loving. It was a humbling experience living his world. But love doesn't have a strong grip. It slipped away.

As I was leading my way, I bumped with a dreamer. Life was full of enthusiasm and everything seemed possible. Love came across. We dreamt together. But we forgot that being a dreamer needs to be a believer. We continued dreaming but never did we believe in realizing such dreams.

Fate led me to Ms. Chastity. It was as if everyday's a celebration of life. Everything seemed to be at the right place. Love was in the air. We began weaving the future. Counting our kids to rear. But some good things don't last. We parted. It was the most painful breakup I had. I know I never stopped loving her. That I'm still right here waiting.

Then came Mr. High and mighty. Life was full of surprises. Everything was spontaneous and worth the experience. A totally different world. A dream that came true. But every dream has to end when you have to wake and open your eyes.

Now, I want to love my celibacy. Use my time to grow stronger and to prosper. Invest into personal advancement. Gain friends.
-post from the Net

PS Boys balita

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Kagaya ng ilang mga buwan wala paring pagbabago at kami-kami parin ang nagkikita sa tuwing merong event or foodtrip, fun runs. Sana nga kahit papano magkita kita parin at makumpleto naman kami kahit minsan lang.

Cyril - dati, palaging walang time sa grupo at busy sa mga chicks niya, pero ngayon bumabawi na siya at sumasama or game palagi kung merong food trips or mga lakaran, yung roadtrip natin kelan ba.

Rene/Thomas - Sila naman palagi ang kasama ko tuwing merong fun runs, disappointed nga lang kami dahil hindi kami nakasali sa Outbreak BGC na gaganapin sa katapusan pati na rin ang hindi namin pagsali sa ToyCon.

Mike - andyan naman lagi si Mike, nakakatuwa dahil kahit magisa lang siya dun sa ToyCon, nakapag catwalk siya at nakapag mingle sa ibang cosplayers.

Angelo - nakabalik na sa kanila, hindi ko pa nakikita right now pero plano ko mag food trip or yayain ulit siyang mag jogging sa school oval na malapit lang sa kanila.

Billy - hindi ko pa siya nakikita ilang taon na rin, pero nakikita ko siya sa fb chat, ano na kaya balita sa kanya at siya parin ba ang Gundam Boy na nakilala namin. Haha!

Regent Fun Run 2012

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planning to join this one, meron kasing 16k in an attempt na mag levelup after joining 10k races..

Pasasalamat sa mga haligi ng Komedyang Pilipino!

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hindi matatawaran ang kontribusyon na inyong binigay at pagbibigay ng ngiti at tuwa sa mga Pilipino!
Mabuhay kayo at muli, Maraming maraming salamat sa mga komedyanteng Pinoy!

of Strength

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"I write this because for the past few days, I've never stopped thinking about all the what-ifs of my life. What if I did this? What if I chose not to do that? Rather than sulking about what could have become and living in regret, I always find myself looking for something worth learning in each time I stopped to ask myself. Never failing to pick up a tiny, shattered fragment of a better tomorrow, I have built myself a goal that I want to achieve in the future.

Making a choice in a crossroad of chances is a brave thing to do. Strength's true price is never knowing the answer to each and every what-if in our life.

We don't have to. We don't need to. That's why I can say I am stronger.

I choose to grow and be a better person not for somebody, but for myself. I am thankful that in everything that I went through, I always found a reason to learn and move forward. As Sum 41 puts it, holding onto the past will just make things worse for what little goodness is left. The worst part is that things are worse only for that person, and not for everybody else."
-Strength's True Price, Knox' blog


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"...vocation is not about you and the world. wala silang pakialam sa magiging buhay mo. it is good to listen to your parents but in the near future, ikaw rin naman ang may hawak ng buhay mo, ikaw ang sasaya at ikaw din naman ang makapagsasabi kung fulfilled ka. searching for life and what you are in life is about looking your space under the sun.. kung saan ka ilagay, hanapin mo yun. and that's vocation.. vocation is about only you and God. wala ng iba."
-Looking for my self...my space...under the sun., Yas' Blog

Teh Cloud ++ Project

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The Cloud++ Project is a student-led initiative to provide sanitation systems and rainwater catchments to an impoverished community right beside UP. We're all about creating an experience of worth, health, and dignity for our friends in Pook Daang Tubo.

The Cloud++ Project is a student-led initiative to provide sanitation systems and rainwater catchments to an impoverished community right beside UP. We're all about creating an experience of worth, health, and dignity for our friends in Pook Daang Tubo. Keep checking this page out for updates. Come on! Together, let's find hope in clouds. Volunteer now!

Pook Daang Tubo is home to more than 1,400 families somehow tucked behind the posh landscapes of Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. But most of these homes are nowhere near like ours. No toilets, no kitchen sinks, no faucets even. A house without water within reach barely makes a home.

Each day, in their cramped spaces, they wake up on the crappy side of the bed (of the floor, really), literally. Their waste sits in simple arinolas for some time. When the tiny tank is finally full, they take to the nearby creek to dump it out. Each day, too, they struggle to find water. They either line-up for hours at the poso or buy water from the rasyon. Either way, there's not just enough water.

They could only dream about a cleaner, healthier home so they could live better, more productive lives. They could only dream about more water, cheaper water at least. And it's sad that these dreams are fading. For our friends at Daang Tubo, dreaming of these simple, most basic things have become rare dreams themselves. And just when we begin to ask if we could make their lives even just a bit better; just when we throw our heads back, cast one casual look out into the skies in wishful thinking, we find our answer.

The Cloud++ Project will help us and our friends build a rainwater catching system that will augment our community's water supply and will provide facilities for proper waste disposal. We will develop the system and teach our community principles of proper hygiene and sanitation. We will engage partners and initiate linkages to expand the program to benefit nearby communities. The Cloud++ Project is an awesome dream that counts on the true bayanihan spirit to create for our friends at Daang Tubo a real experience of worth.

The Cloud++ Project is a refreshing dream. Dream with us.


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too bad hindi ko na mararanasan ang ganyang style..


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Hapon ng umaga, matapos dumaan sa tambayan ng PS Boys, nagmamadaling sumakay ng jeep papuntang UP Diliman para tagpuin ang isa sa mga matagal nang kaibigan sa blogospero at ang aming "bunso" at blog brother na si Elias. Halos takipsilim na magkita kami sa UP Bahay ng Alumni, galing pa siyang Vinzons Hall sa kabilang side pa ng UP. Ginala ako ni Yas sa ilang parte ng UP kung saan siya tumatambay at mga murang kainan sa lugar. Natuwa naman ako sa dami ng servings sa isang fruit shake stand na 1 1/2 servings ang binigay sa akin at masasabing sulit talaga siya.

Dinaanan rin namin ang isawan ni Mang Larry pero mahaba ang pila. Sinabi nya sa akin na ang mga taga Isko sa kabilang isawang (Aling Norma) bumibili at halos taga labas ang pumipila kina Mang Larry. Bumili ng isaw-baboy. Nagsimulang magkwento si Yas ng update sa kanyang buhay. Ang "gap" matapos ang huling paguusap namin kasama si Dan na isa ring blog brother ko. Nai-kwento nya yung mga nangyari sa kanya until dumating ang lowest point ng buhay niya, kung paano niya nakilala ang kanyang ex. Ang issues, struggles and sweet life with his partner and kung paano niya na-overcome iyon.

Lingid sa kaalalam niya na malapit lang din sa UP ang tirahan ng isang blog brother namin na si Mark. Na nagkaton na nasa misa sa Edsa Shine at kakasimula palang kaya nag-text kami na dumiretso sa amin matapos ang kanyang simba. Nagpatuloy ng paglalakbay ng kanyang buhay si Yas hanggang sa mapadaan kami sa Church of the Holy Sacrifice kung saan hitik sa tao at pasimula na rin ng simba. Naikwento niya ulit ang paghihiwalay niya ng kanyang ex at kung paano naman niya nakilala ang bago niya na sa ngayo'y pitong buwan na sila.

Hindi ko mapigilang mainggit at langgamin sa kanyang kwento kung paano niya ito nakilala. Sa isang hindi inaasahang pangyayari, nahanap na niya ang matagal na niyang inaasam at ng bawat isa sa atin. Ang makita ang taong pagaalayan niya ng kanyang pagmamahal at pakikisamahan niya ng panghabang buhay. Parang fairy tale na hindi niya inaasahan ang pagdating ng right special someone para sa kanya. Syempre nakaramdam ako ng kilig at lalong nagkaroon ng inspirasyon na ituloy lang ang paghahanap ng tamang tao para sa akin na bawat pagdapa ay dapat bumangon at move forward palagi. Sana kako makita ko na rin ang right person para sa akin. Salamat sa motivation Yas at nabuhayan na naman ako ng loob.

Minabuti na naming lumipat sa Krus na Ligas na malapit lang sa UP Diliman para kumain sa isang resto/carinderia na Cafe Sefali para dun na mag-dinner kasama si Mark. Dumating si Mark, kwentuhan ng buhay buhay hanggang sa na-ikwento ni Yas ang buhay sa corporate world, pagiging PR turned Manager na buhay niya, mga moments with Ex since around BGC rin ang nag-work ito. Pati na rin ang kanyang mga experience mabuhay sa rural area. Tama siya sa sinabi nya na ang mga tao sa bukid o sa kanayunan ang isa sa mga honest at totoo sa kanilang sarili. Kung anong meron sila walang pagaatubiling ibabahagi sa iyo, pati ang mga gusto at ayaw mong pagkain natatandaan parin nila sa pagbabalik mo sa kanila.

Sinabi niya na hindi talaga siya bagay sa corporate world at mas gusto niya ang field based community work para tulungan at mabigyan ng improvement ang buhay nila. Nakakainggit si Yas. Alam niya ang gusto niya at walang pagaalinlangan ang mga desisyon niya sa buhay. Gusto ko gawin ang mga ginagawa niya at sumunod pero marami akong masyadong bagahe sa buhay na kapag iniwan ko iyon paano na sila. Hanggang kelan kaya ako matatali sa kanila at liligaya naman sa aking sarili sa pagiging independent.

Matapos ang kainan at syestahan. Nagpunta muna kami sa apartment ni Mark para makita ni Yas at baka maging tambayan na rin kung may pagkakataon. Kaunting usap-usap at few realizations na sinabi ni Yas sa akin na talagang tumagos sa akin. Eto yung parte na sa parte ng pagtatapat ng nasasaloob sa isang kaibigan, na natatakot mo gawin dahil ayaw mong i-sakripisyo ang matagal mong binuo na pagkakaibigan sa kanya. Sinabi nya sa akin na sa simula palang naman eh wala naman talaga na binuo ka at kailangan maging matapang ako sa pag-amin sa kanya dahil iyon lang nag tanging paraan para mawala ang burden mo at puno ng "what-ifs", paano kung ilang buwan nalang at magugunaw na ang mundo o may taning ka na. Hihintayin mo pabang umabot yun or much worse hindi masabi sa kanya ang sinasabi ng puso mo. Liberate. Iyon nga ang sabi nya sa akin. Hindi ka magiging maligaya sa buhay hanggat hindi mo nailalabas yang mga kinikimkim mo sa sarili mo.

Matapos ang ilang usapan, minabuti ko nang umuwi dahil Linggo ng gabi noon at bago mag hatinggabi ay makasakay ako ng jeep at last ride na ang nasa terminal pauwi sa amin.

Salamat Yas at Mark sa isang makabuluhang araw na binigay nyo sa akin. Lalo na sa iyo Yas, alam kong ilang linggo nalang at aalis kana at magtatagal sa ibang lugar. Nagsisisi ako bakit ngayon lang natin ginawa ito kung kelan limitado nalang ang oras natin mag-bonding along with other Bloggistas. Pero Ok lang yan, hindi pa naman ito ang una at huli at kampante ako na masusundan pa ito at lalong titibay ang pagkakaibigan natin. Salamat sa pagbabahagi ng iyong karanasan, ito'y magsisilbing inspirasyon at motibasyon sa akin para magpatuloy sa buhat at patuloy na mangangarap na darating ang panahon na mararamdaman ko rin ang tunay na kaligayahan at kalayaan at mahanap ang taong pupuno ng aking buhay.

Hanggang sa muli at Maraming Salamat kaibigan.

Pagnilayan mo

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re-blogged from an old post from my blog-mate Aaron, it's been decades, hope to see you soon..

ika-2 ng Setyembre, taong 2005
8.00 ng gabi

madalas sa buhay hindi maiwasan ang masaktan. sabihin man nating hindi tayo affected, it hurts pa rin. sabihin man nating okay lang tayo, hindi pa rin. sa katunayan, sa rami ng beses na nasabi natin na okay lang tayo, para talaga tayong sasabog sa lungkot. haaay ang buhay nga naman...

madalas sa buhay hindi maiwasan ang mahulog. ang magmahal. ngunit higit sa kalahating porsyento na nasabi natin na pangako ito na ang huli ay hindi totoo. nalilinlang tayo ng ating damdamin.

ano nga ba ang dapat gamitin? ang isip o ang puso? ginamit mo nga isip pero ang dami mo naman nasasaktan. marahil iniisip mo mas mahalagang gamitin ang puso, pero hindi mo ba naisip na marami kang sinasakkripisyo, ngunit karamihan, sa huli ay nabibigo rin at sinisisi ang sarili kung bakit puso ang ginamit nila at hid isip.

kung gagamitin mo pareho, makahanap ka pa kaya? masyado tayong maglagay ng mga batayan para mahulog muli sa isa. lahat nagiging pangit sa paningin dahil hindi pumasa sa pamantasan? ang gulo pero ano nga ba ang pag-ibig? napakahiwaga. puno ng mahika. ngunit ano ba talaga ang tunay na susi? lahat ay nakakapagbukas ng pinto ngunit siyamnapung porsyento ay nahuhulog lang sa patibong. ilan lamang ang naging mahusay? pano naging mahusay? ano ang kanilang sikreto?

kadalsan sa buhay, sabihin man nating hindi mahalaga kung ano ang kanyang itsura basta mamalin tayo ng tunay at handang makipagsalo ng buhay sa atin, swak na. ayos na. pero nagiging plastik tayo sa ating sarili. sino ba ang niloko natin? aminin man natin o hindi, mas nagiging matimbang ang itsura kaysa sa panloob na katangian. mali ako? baka ikaw.bakit mas marami ang sirang relasyon? bakit mas marami ang nagpapakatanga? bakit mas maraming handang masaktan araw araw para lamang sa taong mahal nila ngunit hindi sila lubusang minahal? nakailang relasyon ka na ba? kitam? sabi ko na nga ba. bakit mo siya pinalitan? tama na naman ako ng hinala. nahulog na naman tayo sa panlabas na anyo. ang mukhang nababalutan ng maskara.

madalas, magulo ang buhay. aminin man natin o hindi, masarap pa ring mabuhay sa kabila ng lahat ng problema. ewan. ikaw ano ba ang gusto mong mangyari?

madalas sa buhay kasabay ng panibugho, nasasabi natin na gusto na nating mamatay ngunit sa oras na dumarating na tayo sa puntong naiisip natin na hwak na ng lupa ang isa nating paa, nagdadasal tayo na gusto pa nating mabuhay. ano ba talaga? kelan ba tayo naging seryoso? kapag kailangan? maniwala naman ako sa iyo.hindi mo ba mas gugustuhing makita ang kulay ng buhay kaysa sa itim lamang? kailan ba tayo nag-isip ng matino? halos araw araw nga may nagagawa tayong kasalanan/pagkakamali tapos sasabihin natin "matino ako" o nasa "pasensiya na tao lang/rin". kelangan ba talagang may sisihin para matakpan ang sarili o kelangan magmatigas para masabing matatag?

pagnilayan mo...

of Friends..

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"Friends are an essential part of our lives. They're there when we're in our best, and never leaves when we're at our worst. An extension of our soul, they know well our personality. They know whether we're in a bad mood, or have problems. Friends are our secret lovers. They may be less than that of our romantic partners, but their love and devotion might be greater than what your partner gives you.

That is why, it is extremely painful to lose a friend. Or even having a friend see you lower than what he usually does. It's even more painful than that we experience during break ups. Seeing an extension of yourself go away and be indifferent can make one go depressed.

But the most painful feeling is that when you think of the memories you shared, and you realize that you can't bring back those memories, that everything won't be the same way as they did before."
-Comitis, MonkeyJed's Blog

Blue Rain

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"Summer is not yet over but it's already raining..... I hate rainy days.. It stimulates my eccentricity..It makes me feel dejected. The rush of emotion pulsing through me shatters the facade that shields my disappointments in life.. Disturbing questions intrude my idealistic mind... leading to frustrations and painful realizations.

Right now...

I am extremely demotivated. I feel that I am losing the meaning of my existence..the value of hard work...my self worth. Why? because coming to work has become more stressful and annoying to me. I don't care anymore. All of the sudden, I feel so undignified."
-I hate Rainy Days, Dan's MoronMe

of Love..

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"If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it when we are separated?...Is it possible to love someone and never be afraid of losing them? Is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?"
-Mew, The Love of Siam

Officially Registered at teh Milo National Marathon

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Fall again

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"It is necessary to fall and lost people, plans, chances and time in order to move-on and be a better me. It is natural to regret and dwell on those loss for a while but it is a danger to linger on them. Dapat hindi ko papayagan ang mga pagkabigo na yun na ikulong ako at di na muling mangarap. Malaki ang mundo at isa lamang akong kulangot kumpara sa unibersong sumasaklaw sa akin kaya hindi ko dapat hayaang gawin akong alipin ng sarili kong pagkabigo.

Lahat ng tao ay nakakaranas ng pagkabigo, pagkawala at pagkatalo. Likas sa isang tulad ko ang mahamak ng sarili kong ambisyon at mga buktot na paniniwala. Ang mas importante, naunawaan ko na mahalaga ang mga nararanasan ko. Hindi magbubunga ng marami ang sangang maraming dahon. Hindi rin makakalipad ng matayog ang ibong may dagit na mabigat na bagay. Sa pag-akyat ng bundok, kailangan mong iwanan ang mga bagay na itinuturing mong importante at dalhin lamang ang mga bagay na tunay na mahalaga."
-Falling Down the Second Time, Elias' Blog

Plan B

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Was not able to registered at the Outbreak Manila dahil puno na ang slots, bit disappointed and overwhelmed na rin dahil in a span of a week, puno agad, siguro dahil na rin sa success ng 1st Outbreak at Nuvali. We were hoping na within coming days, magkaroon ng additional slots dahil marami ang nagrerequest nito.

If anything fails, I'll gonna proceed to Plan B, register at Milo and probably sa Regent na rin. Nanghihinayang talaga ako dahil this would be a perfect moment again for Resident Evil - STARS Alpha team for a bonding moment with the zombies. Sigh. Cross fingers nalang.

1st Day of the Fall

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First day of the month of "Fall" season, hope it would not be taken literally for us. Kada week nalang maraming pasabog, if just wondering ano na naman kaya ang announcement mamaya.. too depressing.. just like what's happening on the European economy.. contagion spreads like wildfire..