of Friends..

"Friends are an essential part of our lives. They're there when we're in our best, and never leaves when we're at our worst. An extension of our soul, they know well our personality. They know whether we're in a bad mood, or have problems. Friends are our secret lovers. They may be less than that of our romantic partners, but their love and devotion might be greater than what your partner gives you.

That is why, it is extremely painful to lose a friend. Or even having a friend see you lower than what he usually does. It's even more painful than that we experience during break ups. Seeing an extension of yourself go away and be indifferent can make one go depressed.

But the most painful feeling is that when you think of the memories you shared, and you realize that you can't bring back those memories, that everything won't be the same way as they did before."
-Comitis, MonkeyJed's Blog

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