On Leaving

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The world is one big venue for these sick little games. And we’re all part of them. We leave because we want something better, someone better, or at least that’s what Boss Jed thought. If that much is true then you can chain me from this bed now. I am not going anywhere because I am exactly at the point when I’d no longer want anything from anyone ever again.
-As fuckers go., Through the Sadness

Teh Equation

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15 Ways

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You're personality type is Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging (ISTJ)

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took a Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment Exam and results was I'm an ISTJ person..

Serious, quiet, earn success by concentration and thoroughness. Practical, orderly, matter-of-fact, logical, realistic, and dependable. See to it that everything is well-organized. Take responsibility. Make up their own minds as to what should be accomplished and work toward it steadily, regardless of protests or distractions.

Detailed Result
ISTJs direct their energy towards the inner world of ideas and information. They try to clarify concepts and information, seeking to have as clear a knowledge as possible. They often place a lot of trust in experience, but also envisage future goals providing there is a clear pathway to that goal.

What makes an ISTJ tick?
The Dominant function is the perceptive one of Sensing. Characteristics associated with this function include:
looking at information in terms of facts and details
  • Focuses more on the here and now rather than possibilities for the future
  • Feels comfortable in areas of proven experience
  • Takes a realistic approach
The perceptive Sensing function is introverted. That is, Sensing is used primarily to govern the inner world of thoughts and emotions. The ISTJ will therefore:
  • Seek to develop a realistic understanding of the world as it is, in the light of what he/she observes
  • Be pragmatic in nature, constantly learning to adapt to the world as it is now
  • Observe in a subjective way, selecting and relating facts that others would not, and seeing those facts more in terms of impressions and significance than pure fact .
The Sensing function is primarily supported by extroverted Thinking judgment, That is, Thinking judgment is used primarily to manage the outer world of actions and spoken words. This will modify the way that the Sensing is directed, by:
  • focusing the (inner world) Sensing on impersonal facts and logical options
  • tending to spot flaws and injustices
  • making decisions on the basis of logical analysis that support the ISTJ's understanding of the world.
The classic temperament of an ISTJ is Epimethean, or Melancholic, for whom a basic driving force is duty, service and the need to belong.

Contributions to the team of an ISTJ
In a team environment, the ISTJ can contribute by:
  • working hard and efficiently to complete tasks by the deadlines set
  • sorting ideas and identifying those that are most practical
  • applying a common sense approach to problem solving
  • maintaining team focus on the objective
  • contributing practical organisational skills
  • applying procedures and methodologies
  • applying relevant and realistic logical arguments
The potential ways in which an ISTJ can irritate others include:
  • focusing too much on the current task at the expense of longer term or interpersonal issues
  • not articulating his/her understanding of the situation
  • not seeing the wood for the trees
  • being too serious
  • seeming to be inflexible
  • not encouraging others to experiment or innovate
  • not promoting his/her own ideas or achievements
Personal Growth
As with all types, the ISTJ can achieve personal growth by developing all functions that are not fully developed, through actions such as:
  • articulating more of the ISTJ's own views
  • developing a long term vision, that avoids focusing on details
  • developing a greater understanding of how people feel
  • changing things on an experimental basis to see if they can be improved
  • learning to promote the ISTJ's ideas and achievements to others, recognising that others may well find them valuable
  • making decisions on the basis of how others will feel, rather than objective considerations
Recognising Stress
As stress increases, 'learned behaviour' tends to give way to the natural style, so the ISTJ will behave more according to type when under greater stress. For example, in a crisis, the ISTJ might:
  • find a place of solitude in which to think and work
  • use tried and trusted means of solving problems
  • direct or criticise others' efforts
  • use pragmatic solutions at the expense of the long term
ISTJ Careers
The jobs/occupations that have a closer fit to those with ISTJ preferences:
Doctor/health care, Librarian, Entrepreneur/self-employed, Forces, Administrator

Unbearable kind of [Pain]

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"Emotional pain. You can't see it, like you can see a broken bone, a pale face, an open wound. It's in your head, easy to hide because no one else can see it unless you allow them to see it. It's physical internally, a sick stomach, a tightness in the chest, exhaustion. It can be crippling, an inability to move. You can protect yourself from it with defenses invisible to the eye. It can hit you like a disease, cover you like a shadow, embrace you like a demon.

None of us are immune to it, none of us strangers to it. Some of us break from it, some of us are stronger for it. All of us do everything we can to protect ourselves from it. It has a way of making us feel alone, because even though we know we are not the only ones to face adversity, we are a world unto ourselves and no one else sees the world quite the way we do.

Shutting down to protect yourself may protect your heart, but what is life if you have no one to share it with? The moments I remember most are the moments I spent with others. Opening up your heart leaves you vulnerable to pain. If you never open your heart though, you'll never find joy either.

You never really can fix a heart, once they're broken they're never the same. The jagged edges can scrape your insides raw. It's kind of like my favorite old book though, or my worn, ripped up jeans - just because they're used doesn't mean they're not good anymore."
-Will you Dance with Me?, Life Unexpected


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Of Value

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Chinese New Year at Binondo

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To you..

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Thanks for the inspiration, you made me feel complete every time that were together..

I'm not hoping.. I'm  contended and happy  seeing that you're living your life to the fullest..

Hindi man maging tayo, andito ka pa rin sa puso ko habambuhay..

Salamat sa lahat!

13 days to go!

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Will be joining teh 10k run

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Looking forward for that Day

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Patrick's 1st Solo Art Exhibit

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Science Comes Alive in The Mind Museum on March 16, 2012

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It all started here..

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College Reunion and something more..

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Why do I have to feel this

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Gino Padilla -Why Can't it be

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sobrang nakaka-relate na parang paulit-ulit nalang na naririnig sa utak ko kung bakit hindi pwede maging kami, I hate this feeling, gusto kong sabihin sa iyo kung gaano kita kamahal pero natatakot ako na hindi mo tanggapin at worst mawala pa ang pagkakaibigan natin..

Nang dahil sa Patatas..

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Salamat nga pala Empoy sa text mo, dahil sa hindi ako masyado akakapag-blog hindi ko na pansin na nanalo pala ako sa pakulo ng isang bloggista na si Tonto Potato. Maraming Salamat ulit Mark at happy Anniversary sa iyong Blog!

1:09 at the BullRun!

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results for 10k now up, finished at 1hr 09minutes, mas mabilis compared sa Unilab Run United 2, need to practice more for my personal goal of below 1hr under 10k category..

Soon will become one

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Want some free trip?

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PSE Bull Run 2012: Takbo para sa Ekonomiya

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Hanapin mo..

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Walang Kapalit - Dingdong Avanzado

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new year na pero mahirap kang kalimutan lalo na't palagi kitang nakakausap at nagkikita pa minsan, alam kong hindi pwede maging tayo, ayokong i-risk ang pagkakaibigan natin, masaya na ako sa ganitong paraan na ginagawa natin, hanggang magkaibigan nalang, pero umaasa parin ako na balang araw magiging tayo rin at kapag dumating ang araw na iyon, ako na siguro ang pinakamasaya sa buong mundo.. hindi ko tinatanggi na sobra kitang mahal pero kelangan kong mag sakripisyo para sa ikakatahimik at ligaya ng lahat.. hayaan mo lang ako gawin ang inaakala kong ikakasiya ng puso ko.. at iyon ay mahalin ka..


""Don't be afraid of change. You may be losing something good, but gaining something is so much better." The past year has been a year of lessons learned through disappointments and a life of tearfully clinging to the past. Things are easier said than done, but hopefully, it won't be the same this time around."
-Chapter Two, Knox's One Midnight Wolf

Hassle talaga

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bpi my e-prepaid card sample

Last December 23, nag sign up online for BPI My E-Prepaid, since 100% approval siya unlike applying on CC na palagi akong deny dahil wala akong landline at nasa province ata kami. I was hoping na maaga ko siyang makukuha para sa Air Philippines promo since nagpahiwatig na sila sa site nila about 12 pesos fare nila this New Year. Ok naman ang application online. Binasa ko na rin mga guidelines and FAQs about it. Hoping na within 5 business day makuha ko siya.

Pinalipas ko muna ang Bagong taon at nagpunta sa BPI Family branch kung saan nominate ko as receiving branch. Disappointed lang na Dec. 26 pa pala nila natanggap at wala man lang akong natanggap na email para sana maaga akong makapag avail ng airfare promo.

Pumila na ako at kinuha ang Card ko sa BPI Family branch dito sa Montalban. Tried to reload thru Over the counter since next week pa ang payroll kaya hindi ko magagamit thru ExpressOnline. Sad na hindi nila makita sa system nila ang Prepaid card at ni remind pa ako na meron daw na 500 na processing fee kaya nabawasan pa ang dapat na dedeposit ko para sa Prepaid.

Twice akong nagpabalik balik sa BPI San Mateo dahil dun lang tatangapin ang enrollment at pagbalik sa account ko ung money na intended for Prepaid. Though mabilis naman ang service. Hassle lang talaga na hindi pa magka-link ang BPI Family at BPI though iisang entity lang naman sila. Magkano rin ang nagastos ko sa pamasahe dahil ibang branch pa ang kelangan kong puntahan.

Samahan na rin itong ExpressOnline nila na bakit hindi nalang kelangan mag enroll online at hindi na pumunta sa Branch nila, it would defeat their purpose na let's make it easier for the clients to do transaction. Sana on the coming months or years eh maging mas Ok pa ang services nila para hindi nakakasayang ng time and money sa pag transact.

Pero despite of that, I would be still thankful at meron na silang ganitong prepaid card na magagamit to shop and make reservations online. Thanks BPI for that.

On Travelling..

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For some, traveling is simply defined as shopping to various places and taking photos of you on a particular landmark. They were wrong. Traveling is more than that, I tell you.When you start talking to the locals, live with them and even experience their way of life, you will definitely see the real purpose of traveling. The whole point of it allowed me to experience what it felt like to be outside my comfort zone, my home.

Nevertheless, traveling had allowed me to experience life to a whole new level.

Because of traveling, I met new people on the road and became friends instantly! We actually don't mind of our cultural, religious and linguistic differences; we were already aware of that. These are actually the people whom I always wanted to be with whenever I travel. Earning friends who have a penchant for traveling is one of the best perks that a traveler could get! Priceless.
-The Beginning, RM's The Travelling Nomad

a [New Day] Begins..

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