On Travelling..

For some, traveling is simply defined as shopping to various places and taking photos of you on a particular landmark. They were wrong. Traveling is more than that, I tell you.When you start talking to the locals, live with them and even experience their way of life, you will definitely see the real purpose of traveling. The whole point of it allowed me to experience what it felt like to be outside my comfort zone, my home.

Nevertheless, traveling had allowed me to experience life to a whole new level.

Because of traveling, I met new people on the road and became friends instantly! We actually don't mind of our cultural, religious and linguistic differences; we were already aware of that. These are actually the people whom I always wanted to be with whenever I travel. Earning friends who have a penchant for traveling is one of the best perks that a traveler could get! Priceless.
-The Beginning, RM's The Travelling Nomad

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