teh endless Cycle

Been with Mr. Simple. Life was indeed simple, we laugh to our heart's content on petty and shallow things. We found happiness on life's simplicity. But life's comrade-"change" came along, we have to part ways to give way for our dreams. And for him to have his dreams.

Along the way I met jack of all trades master of none. Never did he stop amazing me. Talented indeed. Caring and loving. It was a humbling experience living his world. But love doesn't have a strong grip. It slipped away.

As I was leading my way, I bumped with a dreamer. Life was full of enthusiasm and everything seemed possible. Love came across. We dreamt together. But we forgot that being a dreamer needs to be a believer. We continued dreaming but never did we believe in realizing such dreams.

Fate led me to Ms. Chastity. It was as if everyday's a celebration of life. Everything seemed to be at the right place. Love was in the air. We began weaving the future. Counting our kids to rear. But some good things don't last. We parted. It was the most painful breakup I had. I know I never stopped loving her. That I'm still right here waiting.

Then came Mr. High and mighty. Life was full of surprises. Everything was spontaneous and worth the experience. A totally different world. A dream that came true. But every dream has to end when you have to wake and open your eyes.

Now, I want to love my celibacy. Use my time to grow stronger and to prosper. Invest into personal advancement. Gain friends.
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