Random Thoughts

"Sometimes we dream, hoping that it will come true. Sometimes we do things unconsciously, we follow our heart's desire and at the same time thinking that it is impossible to attain. We justify things even they are unreasonable, why...because we have our own reasons and neglecting these reasons will always make us feel incomplete. We become lonely, sad and dismayed. We like to do things that we will surely make us happy for once or it might give us the happiness we are longing for. But in the end of the day, everything in your life depends on you - on what decision and choice you will take and stand. Be sure to follow you heart, because your heart tells one's happiness. "

Another words of wisdom from Ryan.. hanga talaga ako sa mga tots mo.. from the heart talaga. Kelan ba kasal nyo ni Katerin.. a perfect couple indeed.. inggit ako.. kelan ko kaya mahahanap ang para sa akin, yung talagang maghmamahal syo ng tapat at totoo.. sana dumating ka na!

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  1. That's a good after thought. galeng!

  2. yeah.. malalim talaga ang taong yan.. nakakainggit nga sya.. look at his about me section..

    "I am an ordinary boy living in an extraordinary life -- life of joy, suprises and love. I have someone who I can laugh, cry with and just simply express or show what I am, without hesitations and fear of rejection. She accepts me in totality...I appreciate that. Thanks my Katerin!"

    sweet.. natutunaw ako.. haha