What a surprise!

"believe it or not, you occupy my mind and fill up my senses this past few days. actually, it's been weeks now. i don't know why. it's vague. it's enigmatic. but one thing's certain... a piece of my heart will always be with you and it's damn true. this might be certifiably unusual for you but this is what i really feel inside. it's no joke. it's no lie. i just want to silently shout it out. i want to express it all. i want to be brave even just for now. and this is my eccentric way of being one for i believe that courage is being afraid but going ahead anyway."
-a pleasant surprise, aldellon

dapat sana blogline of the day ito.. pero wag na lang.. although december 2005 pa itong blog entry mo al.. since ngayon ko lang nakita blogs mo.. sino naman kaya tinutukoy mo sa lines na yan.. hmm.. ngayon kaya siya pa rin ba ang laman ng puso mo.. hehe.. just askin..

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