Words to Lived by..

"Sometimes you have to just forget the rules, follow your heart and see where it takes you. Never apologize for saying what you feel because that's like saying sorry for being real. Never regret anything you said or did because at some point, it was what you wanted. True strength is being able to hold it all together when everyone else is expecting you to fall apart."

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  1. Amen!

  2. By the way, request lang ha! Can you turn the word verification feature mo, kasi nakakaduling basahin yung mga jumbled letters eh! Sana nga lang walang mag-i-ispam sa yo hehe!

  3. hehe.. kelangan eh.. mahirap na.. kaya mo yan..

  4. Hi!liked your blog nice and cool,wish you well

  5. we have the liberty to say what we want to say but not the liberty to hurt people with our words. however, the truth does indeed hurt. so let them bleed as long as it is the truth but say it in good faith.

  6. truth hurts sometimes..