Life Plan

a "life plan" of my Mukamo forum stoic friend named Pooch.. hope this will serve as an inspiration, motivation and a guide to all of us..

My Life Plan
My basic vision of life: Life is a skit. It is a play directed by someone wherein my course has divine providence. However, as an actor of this play, I have the freedom to act in the style I want. As an actor, I do not demand that things should happen just as I wish, but wish them to happen just as they do. Nothing can go wrong since everything is part of God’s rational plan; therefore I know all things will be well. Though, I am in control of my life in the micro-sense, I can influence it only to some extent. In this regard (my free will), I will learn to deal with the things that I can and cannot control especially my emotions and impulses. I will take responsibility for my actions and live a life of seeking serenity through self-discipline. My greatest strength is endurance in the midst of adversity. I am at my best when there are trials in my life. I see them as if they’re just ants that I can triumphantly overcome.

My core values: The values that give my life the most meaning are: God, family love, freedom, and a list of pleasures.

My most important life goals:

1. Moral goals: I will follow what Jesus said in Luke 10:27. He answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself." Though I will not meddle in another person’s business, I will be open to help a person whenever he desperately needs help – feeling emphatically what I would feel if I am in his shoes. Moreover, I want to follow Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Based from reason alone, I can primarily check contradictions in my moral actions.

2. Spiritual goals: I will continue to pursue/meditate God even more by reading a chapter of the Bible everyday. I know that God “fills” me because I am created as a vessel (Rom.9:21) to contain God. And as a Christian, it gives meaning for me to know how God planned everything for me. With regards to the afterlife, I will have a strong faith that there is an afterlife in the new heaven and new earth.

3. Love goals: I will treasure the love that my family gives me. I will continue to have close family ties - especially with my sisters. I will confidently enjoy life as a single person and avoid having a family on my own; that is, being single yet unavailable.

4. Friendship goals: I will continue to have a few acquaintances with whom I can share my thoughts. I will continue posting in forums, in educational and interesting threads that will broaden my intellect. Right now, I am content with the love my family gives me and so I do not look forward so much on having “best friends”.

5. Education goals: I will achieve the highest and top most education that I can. I will maximize the capacity of my brain and get a PHD. I will continue learning things that will expand my intellect and thus achieve my potential.

6. Career goals: In making money, I will be an accountant or a college professor. I will not look for the paycheck but rather the work environment that my job will give me. I want a job that can give me empowerment, have flexible days/months off even though there might be a smaller paycheck.

7. Leisure goals: I will definitely give myself a break and allow flexibility in my schedule (not too tight to make room for fun and unexpected circumstances). I would like to live a contented life, with time to reflect and meditate.

8. Health goals: I will continue to be healthy, avoiding vices such as gambling and drinking alcohol. I will visit my dentist regularly and I will sleep at least six and a half hours every night.

9. Economic goals: I will continue to be frugal and just buy things that are necessary. I will save my money for future/emergency use. However, I will not let my frugality take over my convenience. I will choose to spend conveniently rather than be too frugal and create hassle.

10. Place of residence: I will live in a busy place like the Downtown Area where most of the interesting activities happen. Everything is within reach and it won’t give me hassle in exchange for higher cost. With the time I can save because of my place of residence, I can devote myself to other things like taking courses or going to the library to read.

11. Political goals: I will let things be and accept the things that are not in my control. And as a steward of the earth, I will do my share of preserving the earth by throwing my trash (candy wrapper/bubble gum) to the right places and avoiding vandalism/graffiti.

12. Autonomy goals: I will continue to apply Epictetus’s framework for thinking about desires - always trying to sort out things which are in my control, not in my control and the things that are good for me and not good for me. I will accept things that are not in my control and never complain because I know that all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28). I will not desire things that are not good for me and I will be careful (but thankful) for things that are good for me and under my control. I know that these things are just temporary - just shadows. However, I will use my free will intelligently by influencing my fate and controlling my attitude. I can do this through self-discipline in which I can manifest the freedom given to me and I can choose my reactions and how I feel.

My Existential Attitudes: Firstly, I will nurture my optimism and faith to God - meditating not in a religious or dogmatic way but rather in a personal experience of “filling in”. Secondly, I will have strong self-discipline and a lifestyle of contentment for the way things are. Lastly, I will continue to develop an attitude of unhurried ease, comfort, and cheerfulness towards trials.

My Rules for Sane Living:

1. I will limit my computer use maximum 2 hours a day.

Using the computer is a good thing because you learn while using it. However, many times I neglect other things that I should do or deprive myself of the sleep that I need. With just 3 hours, I believe I can do everything that I need computer-wise. I will fit checking and replying to emails, posting in forums, reading daily articles and playing chess in this 3 hours a day.

2. I will read more.

Anything that will give me general information will do. There are lots of different educational materials like books, videos, films, etc. I will also read one chapter of the Bible everyday starting with the New Testament. I will also read more about Stoicism, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.

3. I will take care of my hygiene.

I will brush my teeth twice a day and floss once. I will also bathe daily and if the situation will not permit it, I will for sure wash my face to avoid pimples.

4. I will not buy unnecessary items.

I will save my money, preferably investing it in some mutual fund. Compulsive buying will not give me happiness but rather emptiness and discontentment. I will be contented with what I have and just focus on what will be convenient.

5. I will take control of my feelings not the other way around.

I like the philosophy of the Stoics and how they seek serenity through self-discipline. I will have autonomy by not letting myself be a slave of my emotions. I will control what I can and accept what I cannot control. With that in mind, I will start controlling my reactions. Because I know that in life negative events are inevitable, I will practice acceptance of what happens. With regard to positive events, I will thank “my director” for “giving me this part”, but will not focus on it too much. I will keep in mind that these are just shadows and only temporary. However, I will not be idle or passive. I will be active in influencing what I can control and intelligently use my free will.

6. I will pray to the Lord every night.

I will thank “my director” that my “part in the play” is not yet over. I will reflect and meditate on what happened during the day and what can I do better. Everyday is a new day and so I must forget the things which are in the past.

7. I will have close-family ties:

When you imagine some pleasure, beware that it does not carry you away, like other imaginations. Wait a while, and give yourself pause. Next remember two things: how long you will enjoy the pleasure, and also how long you will afterwards repent and revile yourself. And set on the other side the joy and self-satisfaction you will feel if you refrain. And if the moment seems come to realize it, take heed that you be not overcome by the winning sweetness and attraction of it; set in the other scale the thought how much better is the consciousness of having vanquished it.


I will be close to my sisters and to my parents. I will be open to them and through thick and thin be there for them. I will love my cousins and relatives in the Philippines. I will call them once in a while to find out how they are doing.

8. I will neither be pessimistic nor optimistic.

Rather, I will be realistic. With regards to goals, I will aim for what I can do and challenge myself. With regards to time, I will try to be punctual.

9. I will sleep before 12 midnight

Not only is that healthy, but it also makes me more active during the morning. I can then prepare breakfast and save time resting rather than doing unproductive things on the internet.
existential hiccups) one day, I can be in a total blank state, and freshly start again the next.

My Pleasures: (based from the philosophy story)

o God – service in the church, meditation, prayer,
o Family – my parents, sisters, cousins
o Education

o Magic the gathering – playing and trading
o Chess – playing, reading articles, blitz games, the victories, learning from my mistakes
o Listening and collecting Tupac Shakur’s music
o My free time
o Listening to Filipino Music

o Arcade games (Street Fighter)
o Posting in forums
o Reading
o Volunteering
o An A in a course
o Doing accounting problems
o Organizing my things
o Doing the household chores
o Reading chess books
o Joining in workshops
o Feeding the Birds
o Drinking Mocha Frappochino in Starbucks
o Writing an Entry in my RSD in Mukamo
o Going out with my sisters and cousins
o Talking with my cousins on the phone.

o Eating chocolate and Spaghetti
o Watching debates
o Taking a cold shower / swimming
o Having a two-hour quiet nap in the afternoon
o Eating Pizza with Pepsi
o Drinking ice cold water
o Watching a live concert
o Drinking hot chocolate in the morning
o Preparing breakfast for everybody
o Camping with the whole family
o Strolling in Metrotown
o Eating Sushi

Remember that the insult does not come from the person who abuses you or hits you, but from your judgment that such people are insulting you. Therefore, whenever someone provokes you, be aware that it is your own opinion that provokes you. Try, therefore, in the first place not to be carried away by your impressions, for if you can gain time and delay, you will more easily control yourself.


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  1. aren't you the director at the same time the actor of your own life???

  2. oo naman.. parang guide lang ito.. nde naman necessarily sundin mo lahat.. parang somewhat an inspiration

  3. ako iyong may-ari nung life plan..salamat sa pagbabasa kingdaddyrich.
    FOR ME, ang "director" ay ang FATE, a.k.a. ang divine providence ng Omniscient na Diyos, a.k.a. ang outcome of whatever happens.

    Ang "actor" naman ay ang sarili ko, ang interpretations ko sa kung anumang nangyayari sa akin, at ang decisions ko.

    Don't worry. guidelines lang naman ito eh. It doesn't apply to everyone else. Personal life plan ko ito bilang isang Stoic. :)

  4. i couldn't say more..