"I'm already in my thoughts, but I've never had peace of mind in this country. Everyday, when I step out of the house to go to work, I fear that I might be mugged or shot. Life is very cheap here. They kill you for your cellphone or wallet. And then when I transact business with this or that government agency, I have to grease the hands of the people who are supposed to serve me. The criminal and the corrupt - they are everywhere, we all know they are dominant in the last elections."
-author's relative in disgust with the turns of events in the country, Cirilo Bautista, Breaking Signs, Philippine Panorama

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  1. Ah the great Cirilo Bautista.

    I definitely agree! But that was back then, now, my view has changed. Yes this country is full of corrupt people and the criminals lurks everywhere! But lo and behold! Change will come! All it takes is a step forward from people like you.

    I still believe that Filipinos are worth dying for.

  2. @dk
    hehe sana nga DK.. kanya-kanyang perspective to the country lang cguro iyon.. hindi talaga tayo uunlad kung sarili lang natin ang iniisip natin at hindi ang bansa! Bayan Muna bago Sarili!