She Says..

"The problem with the Americans is that they are overpaid, oversexed, and over here."
-Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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  1. Well, I haven't been laid in ages. I'm not & never will be over there. And I live back at home, so I'm far from overpaid.

    My mother works 3 jobs to keep from falling into debt. So she's not overpaid either.

    Somebody should perhaps educate Senator Miriam Defensor on the facts.

  2. Another lively one from the famed senator! Love it!

    Lefty the Americans she mentions are the ones that are over here :) Peace.

  3. @lefty
    thanks for the comments lefty pero dk is right po. maybe mirriam was referring to the americans here at the country

  4. kaya pabrito ko si mam miriam eh. ahahahaha!!!!

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  6. LefTy.. hehehe LeFt a CoMmEnT!! hahaha.. oH WeLL.. Na MiSUndErStooD nYa aTa aNg SiNaBi ni MiriaM (wHaT??!! FC?! TaWaGiN BaNG MiriAm LnG anG sNdr?!! Ayyx!) LOL sHe's eDucaTed enOugH.. inTeLLecTuaL!.. sHe kNowS wHaT sHe'S TaLkiNg bOUt.. (hehehe sOmEtiMeS??)


    I'm not against with the Americans.. whether they wanna live or have business here.. it's just that they're -let me say it clearly"others"- abussive and grrr DOMINATING! (PeAce awT!nO oFfeNSE!)

    well maybe maY aDvaNtaGe dN cGuRo aNg PaG stAy nLa d2(meron nga ba?).. haha!

    hmmm d LnG nMaN TaLAGa Mga aMeRiCanS eHhh!! DaMi PaNG iBa..!!! KunG aKo LnG MaSuSunOd.. I'll Be VeRy sTriCt! SiLa NgA eHh SoBrAnG stRiCt!! GrRrrR!!! JUSTICE!! LaBaS PaSok LnG SilA d2 SaTin... MffFf!!!

    hahahaha JiN.. NaGInG EmoTioNaL Na tuLoY aQ.. hahaha cHuRi2x..

  7. Bakit kaya ang daling makapasok ng mga Amerikano d2 sa Pilipinas, pero ang hirap makapasok ng mga Pilipino sa America? 8-|

    @Lefty - Senator Miriam Defensor is very well-educated.. so no need for that..

  8. salamat sa mga nag komento po. aba pag si sen. miriam talaga ang nagsalita.. everybody listens..