He says

"Parang gusto ko nang gawin na mawala na lang bigla sa mundo ko. I am that sane to save myself from myself. Funny, di ba? Pero that night, I really wanted to die and disappear from this side of the earth. I really wanted to. I never felt so utterly alone. No one cared. Di ko lam kung sinusumpong ako or what... Pero I hate that feeling... Sobrang... Ayoko. Memories of the past started to re-surface all over again. The fluids flowing to my veins, gagged, screaming for help, asking anyone around me why are they doing this.."
-..., Moonlit Stars, Aryeh

"I will be a hypocrite if I say that I never regretted anything. I did. Back when I was young and stupid. But when love comes. True love. Even though it only lasted for several months, there should never be any regret. Yes even tears, money, and time we spent with people should never be regretted. Because through them, we become strong. Through them we learn."
No Regrets, The Love Room
, TL

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  1. hi friend...

    that's love... sobrang hiwaga.. walang makapagsabi ano kayang gawin sa ating sarili.. :)

  2. salamat sa pagdaan.