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after reading the novel The Dark Homecoming eh share ko lang yung ibang quotes na nakita ko lalo na sa Bonita twins..

"You see senor, a man is understood only when he stands alone. Finally the last layers of civilization are stripped away. What is revealed is the essence. This is a commodity most rare, precious & beautiful. It is to be savored like a magnificent cigar."
- Heitor Bonita

"The world is like blood. Always fluid, always changing. Friendships form, dissolve. The only truism in life that you can hold on to nothing."
-Antonio Bonita

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  1. thanks for sharing this bro! really nice quotes!

  2. salamat sa comment ironnie.

  3. Yeah good quotes. I wish to read the book some time. What's the content all about anyway?


  4. actually inantok ako sa book na yan, pinili ko nalang tapusin. ayoko ng modern theme, meron siyang kaunting mysticsm pero sa huli. parang natural action hero thing.