He Says

eto na naman tayo.. mga last messages to the departed love ones.. naiiyak na naman ako!

"..i love you so much; i can't stop mourning for you even when you asked me not to.why do you have to go so early and leave me behind in this life?.. i asked you to wait for me before we enter the next life, to become lovers again and fulfill dreams stashed away by the evils of this world like greed and pride, and even lust. You obliged and promised me you will. In return, i will fulfill what you have asked of me -- to live a long happy life and never rush my own end, to find true love again, the kind of love that was taken away from us. I really love you beh... Goodbye, til we meet again, that is when i leave my deathbed into your loving arms again.."
-I Love you Kev, Macky's Room

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