Five Stages of Breakup

First is denial, after a break up you deny to yourself that your relationship has already ended. You make up fantasies just to fill that denying part of you, and when you finally accepted the fact that it has already ended you enter the second stage.

The second stage is bitterness. Bitterness is actually self explanatory. Bitterness - like love, is very subjective. Subjective in the sense that every individual expressess different forms of bitterness; some say bitterness is the fruit of denial. But for me, its something like a defense mechanism to cover up what is left hanging. Like unanswered questions. questions that haunts you. Questions that confuses you. Questions that bother your heart. When you overcome bitterness you enter the third stage.

The third stage is closure. When you say closure, this is the part where you actually confront you fears of talking to or asking your ex-lover why your relationship ended that way. A piece of advice - when you confront your ex, don't be all too cocky like you did'nt do anything wrong. In a way there are some factors or some mistakes you did that's why he betrayed you. Just be calm like you just want to talk to him as a friend. Don't panic. Closure is really needed to avoid unecessary hang-ups. Hang-ups can ruin a good relationship. lastly, the fourth and fifth stage goes hand in hand.

The fourth stage is acceptance. When you finally have the answers to your question, you should accept it and move on, the fifth stage. Only then that you can love and give yourself to the person you love or loves you completely, but why is it so hard to love again when you've been hurt many times before? Isn't it that when you love you risk yourself getting hurt? Loving someone is having the courage to let them love you back. Love is not love when you don't risk yourself. Anyway you look at it, you can never say the person you love can never hurt you. Even in a little way he can.

-Random Thoughts, Deviant Angel

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  1. Ang saya naman nito. Parang five stages of death lang.:)

    Niwei, tapos na ako sa acceptance stage. Nandun na ako sa moving on stage, and hopefully, malapit na sa seeing other people stage.:)

  2. Oo nga pala, taga-intelligraph kayo dati di ba?:)

  3. yeah taga dun ako. ikaw rin malamang, isa ka sa mga writers. bakit hindi ka nagkwekwento dyan sa blog mo. hehe.

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  5. keitaro

    dba ikaw si frankie.. kayo pba ni arkon? malamang kilala mo ako dahil naabutan pa kita.