Cheesy naman

grr.. si Mugen talaga, although were not that close, i've been his follower (sa blog) for months right now - reading his blog and minsan nadadala ako sa mga entries niya up to the point na nagiging emotero na ako. Let me just share a part of his conversation with an "acquaintance". Kinikilig na naman ako. Iniisip ko kasi na ako nagsasabi. (assuming and expecting ka na naman - bad for your heart!)

"I'm looking for someone younger but can think more mature for his age."

"I'm looking for someone older and can think more mature than me."

"I'm not getting younger and I hope to find someone who'd be willing to grow old with me."

"I'm 27 and I think I'm not getting younger as well. That's why when I found what makes your heart beat, I decided to stick with you up to now."

"I think I love you na..."



"I'm yours."

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