Dear Ex

i know your not into blogging and into the net; but this song is dedicated to you, kasi hanggang ngayon mahal pa rin kita, kahit masakit at mahirap mag move-on. You said a year ago thru a phonecall that your not closing your door to me and i just want to ask..

Will You Wait For Me

I need to talk with you again,
why did you go away,
All our time together, just feels like yesterday,
I never thought I'd seen,
a single day without you,
the things we take for granted,we can sometimes lose.
And if I promise not to feel this pain,
Will I see you again,
will I see you again.
Cos time will pass me by, may be I'll never learn to smile,
But i know I will make it through,
if you wait for me.
(won't you wait for me.)
And all the tears I cry,
no matter how I try.
They will never bring you home to me,
won't you wait for me in heaven.
Do you remember how it was,
when we never seemed to care.
The days went by so quickly,
cos I thought you'd always be there.
It's hard to let you go,
though I know that I must try.
I feel like I've been cheated,
cos we never said goodbye.
And if I promise not to feel this pain,
Will I see you again.
Cos I miss you so,
and I need to know,
Will you wait for me.

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