He Says

while blog hopping through a friendster blog; I suddenly bump to this blog entry and as usual nakaka-relate na naman ang inyong lingkod..

No one would believe that i too cry at night. its not the typical thing for me to do, but i do cry. its just that i don't usually share what i feel with people around me. because i don't want them to carry my burden. i know they too have lots of burden to carry, so why would i let them carry mine? wouldn't it be fair if i just keep it to myself?

Behind my smiles, my laughter lies the pain i kept for years. failures, disappointments, and the like that i know for sure would make you too feel down, dumb and useless to others. What the heck! what matters most is that we’re kicking. doesn't matter where or who, how much effort we exert, or the force we applied. we’re kicking and that's it!

We are still here, breathing, our heart is still pumping. no matter how fast or slow, still, our heart beats. My point is that, no matter how heavy the load, how many times we cry or sob during the night. we are still alive. meaning that we overcame those burdens, the agonies and pain. so why would you dunk your self to the nook when you can get the best out of the situation?

Remember, whatever we encounter, it only makes us stronger and wiser.

-The Joy Behind every Tears

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