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sayang Carl at medyo late na kitang nakilala - pareho lang tayo ng intention kung bakit i'm into blogging - to share my personal life to other people, kakainggit sila kasi nakilala mo sila. I wish i have still time to know more of you..

"When I decided to blog, my real intention was to meet friends, virtual or otherwise: share opinions, have a good laugh at each other's posts, hang out once in a while, just like when I first started blogging in my early college days.

.. In almost a year of re-blogging, I've met great people. Friendly people. Wonderful people. Reading their blogs made them part of my life, my life beyond the chaotic outside world which I (and perhaps, they, too) meant to escape from. And there they were. There we were. Enjoying every bit of our funny, bizarre, hurtful, happy, and fleeting everyday existence. We've become friends, one way or another. Many may not notice but I watch friends closely. I offer help in any way I can.

.. Friends are very important to me. I trust them so much so fast that I create a space for them in my life without asking if they are going to stay. If one of them leaves, that space I allotted stays empty forever. It kills me seeing that space. I am so vulnerable when it comes to friends because I have lost a friend many times. And many spaces in my life stay empty. I am now so empty. I am very defenseless when it comes to friends because I’d give, willingly, all for you."

-It's Time to Leave, Carl's Nandito Lang Ako (dahil ang magkaibigan.. hindi nag-iiwanan)

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  1. aaawww....

    when i started blogging, i never thought any of these, honestly.

    naisip ko lang, i-try kasi walang magawa sa opisina. then two years after, hindi ko na natigilan at wala pa rin ginagawa sa opisina...

    wonderful posts... hes lucky to have you as a friend

  2. eric hindi ko nga siya kilala eh. bloghopping kanina, stumbled upon his blog, kaso inactive na siya eh. dun ako nasasayangan. ^^;