He says

"..Yet here I am, struck down and contemplating whether I should stand up or let let the pain overwhelm me - swallowing me whole so I would cease to exist. Now,I couldn’t stop myself from grimacing while looking at the very same horizon wondering if my fate will never change - like the horizon that I am seeing right now - unchanging as it is.

I guess they shouldn’t be demanding for someone like me to change. ‘Cause the way I see it, they never bothered to change themselves as well.

Even if you love them so much.

Even if you hate them so much.

It’ll all lead into one point.

To the horizon who didn’t bother to change - to the only direction it goes since the start of time.

-.. at the Antipolo outlook. Yes. Again, Aryeh's Kira's Eye

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  1. Hello Jin! Busy sa PEx lately ah! Hehehe.

  2. sabi na eh. kala ko pa naman iba ang handle name mo dun. mugen pa rin pala. hindi naman masyado. naka block sa office ang pex kaya malamang weekends lang ako makakapag-browse dun. ^^;

  3. Lagi naman ganyan eh. Madaya.

  4. anung madaya zwei?

  5. Life.

    Never naman yan naging fair.

  6. hehe.. life is never fair nga!