Psychoanalysis: The EVA way..

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Shinji: Who's there? Who?

Shinji': Who Shinji Ikari.

Shinji: That's me.

Shinji': I am you. This self, incorporates another self. The self, has always been composed of two selves.

Shinji: Two?

Shinji': Yes, the self which is observed and the self which observes itself. To expound, there is the Shinji Ikari that exists in your mind. The Shinji Ikari in Misato Katsuragi's mind. The Shinji Ikari in Asuka Soryu's mind. The Shinji Ikari in Rei Ayanami's mind. And the Shinji Ikari in Gendo Ikari's mind. All are different Shinji Ikari's, but each of them is a true Shinji Ikari. What you fear, is the Shinji Ikari's who exist in the minds of others.

Shinji: I'm just afraid of being hated.

Shinji': You're afraid of being hurt.

Shinji: Who is bad?

Shinji': Father is. The Father who deserted us.

Shinji: No, I'm the one who's bad.

Asuka (flashback): There you go again, your always apologising.

Asuka (flashback): Do you really think, it's your fault.

Shinji: I'm worthless.

Misato (flashback): No, you just believe that your worthless, Shinji.

Rei (flashback): Don't you trust your own father?

Shinji: I thought I hated my father, but now I'm not sure...

Ikari (voice): That was good work, Shinji.

Shinji: My father called me by my name. I was praised by my father.

Shinji': Will you live the rest of your life regurgitating and redigesting, those few pleasant memories?

Shinji: If I trust their words, it's enough, enough to keep me alive.

Shinji': Even though, you know your deceiving yourself?

Shinji: Everybody does it. That's how everyone survives.

Shinji': If you will not accept, that you are capable of initiating change within yourself, you will be unable to continue.

Shinji: This world is filled with too much pain and suffering, to keep going on.

Shinji': For example, you can't swim?

Shinji: Humans aren't made to float.

Shinji': This is self-deception.

Shinji: I don't care what you wanta call it.

Shinji': You have been shutting your eyes and covering your ears, making yourself blind and deaf, to that which you wish to avoid.

Kensuke (voice): His sister was injured during the incident...

Misato (voice): Who cares what the other's say!

Ikari (voice): Leave!

Shinji: No, I don't wanta hear this!

Shinji': See, you're running away from the reality again. No one can justify their existence, by linking their happiest moments into a kind of rosary. In particular, I cannot.

-Episode:16 Sickness Unto Death, And..., Neon Genesis Evangelion

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