No one understands me..

Shinji Ikari: Nobody understands me.
Rei Ayanami: You never understood anything.
Shinji Ikari: I thought this was supposed to be a world without pain, and without uncertainty.
Rei Ayanami: That's because you thought that everyone else felt the same as you do.
Shinji Ikari: You betrayed me! You betrayed my feelings!
Rei Ayanami: You misunderstood from the very beginning. You just believed what you wanted to believe.
Shinji Ikari: Nobody wants me. So they can all just die.
Rei Ayanami: Then what is your hand for?
Shinji Ikari: Nobody cares whether or not I exist. Nothing ever changes. So they can all just die.
Rei Ayanami: Then tell me; what is your heart for?
Shinji Ikari: It would be better if I never existed... I should just die, too.
Rei Ayanami: Then why are you here?
Shinji Ikari: I-is it okay for me to be here?

-Shinji & Rei, The End of Evangelion (1997)

4 Reaction(s) :: No one understands me..

  1. "The greater the hope, the greater the despair. Believing in someone is something only foolish people do."

    -- Keough, Ragnarok the Animation

  2. moral lesson. wag umasa nang malaki. frustration lang lalabas.

  3. hehehe... basta dapat optimistic din kasi importante din na nagiging initiator. kailangan ng pinas ang mga ganung tao. dami na kasing trapo.

  4. kaunti na lang ganung tao.