He Says

"Man by nature is supposed to be insatiable. We are not contented with life. We are always seeking. Seeking for something better, seeking for the best. Unfortunately, we do know that we do not always get what we want. Thus, we tend to stop somewhere else. But when do we know when to stop? Surprisingly, it is when we feel that we have already exhausted ourselves, everything. Contentment is when man learns that no matter how he spent time seeking for something or someone, at the end of the day, he would settle for what he already has.

I guess the most important thing in finding true love is to look always at the present. We need to contend with what we have now. If we are having a relationship right now, let us treasure it, relish it, and do the most of what we are having. Let us not dwell on the past because they are already lessons learned. Let us not look towards the future because they are dreams uncertain."

-Dialogue on a True Love, Trey's Just for the Trip

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  1. Yes.

  2. hi jin. this comment may not be related to what you have posted but since i dont get the chance to be on-line i'll take this chance to say something...

    "in time you're sad about what is happening in your life...remember one permanent fact:EVERYTHING CHANGES. tomorrow might be different.just keep your faith"

    i always admire you for being the silent yet brilliant type of classmate. im sure most of our classmates will agree na dapat kaw and 1st honor and not him (hope di nya to mabasa para hindi cya ma-offend =)..

    nevertheless,, bear in mind that all of us are facing our own 'crisis' as we go through the couse of life. just keep your faith to God and to your self and in time everything that your heart desires will pour like a rain.

    yun lang po...god bless you

  3. salamat po sa advice donna. ikaw naman. deserving naman din siguro siya kaya siya ang 1st honor saka matagal na iyon.ang importante eh ang ngayon. yup lahat naman tayo may crisis na pinagdadaanan kaya nga ang motto ko eh.. pray not for easy life but to be a stronger man.