He Says

"But I was wrong. Maybe I just dreamed too much that I forgot the rancorous after-effect of the so called LOVE..Or maybe, I might have found it. But it was not mine to hold forever. Whatever it is, all i can say is never ever trust what you feel. That following what your heart says doesn’t guarantee happiness. Cause at the end of the day, you won’ t get nothing but twinge in the most delicate part of your entity.. your heart. They say that you always have to fight for what you feel. That when you found that someone who turns your world around like nobody ever did, never ever let him/her go. Honestly, that was what I also believed in. But those beliefs drowned me till i almost forgot about me.. Life they say, should be lived to its fullest. Forget about the pain, love like you have never loved before, do what makes you happy and follow what your heart wants. But isn’t it escaping reality? a wishful thinking? Reality is far different to what ‘optimists’ try to view it. And love? It’s the same thing as life. It gives you joy but it doubles the pain. It excites you, but fails you in the end."
-Up, Anonymous (I don't have permission to post his blogsite)

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  1. love nga naman =)

  2. Sino ba kasing nag-imbento ng Valentine's Day? Haha.

  3. @gravity/zwei

    ahaha. buti nde siya bitter. FYI hindi po ako ya ah.