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Irene one of my trusted buddies PM'ed me to read her Mutiply Blog entry, akala ko naman para sa akin, kay Kaj pala (sino iyon?!) nevertheless dedicated rin sya sa mga good guys na kagaya ko (anu daw?!), it's about staying who you are, parang Stay the Same ni Joey McIntyre..

""Don't change who you are because people love you for that. They may just be a handful but these are the people who really see you for who you are. You might say that that's the only thing that they know about you. They won't remember you if you're gone or someone else comes into their lives. You may feel that way but there will always, always be someone or maybe countless others who silently appreciate you being there and you being just the way you are. It may take someone else's eyes to see how special a person exists in you.

Call this cliche-ish (if there is such a term) but this is my tribute to you. In such a short span of time, you trusted me and welcomed me into your circle. It takes years to know people well or to build friendships stronger than fortresses...I'd like to think that ours is just as good as that. People make connections (and write blogs for that matter, hehe) and life will always go on. So does love...It's a never-ending cycle of ups and downs, joys and tears, a meshing of the seemingly perfect and the imperfect. We weave fibers of different sorts to end up with something that will make us warm, comfortable, and blissfully elated. Just don't give up in picking pieces to put into your bundle. It's never fair nor easy, but being you - I know you'll always find ways to remain that special person who will one day find that special girl for keeps. :)""
-For Kaj (and all the nice guys out there!), Irene's It's all about Chuck

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  1. finally! namention din ako dito! and thanks. trusted friend mo pala ako...gusto rin kitang gawan ng dedication na blog. to give me a boost, one time tawagan mo ako, kahit sa YM lang. tas mag-rant/emote/ponder ka with me about your life. :) hehehe..seriously, i appreciate you reading my blog. i guess you liked it:) kasama ka naman dun sa title eh, mr. nice guy:)

  2. un nga lang mas pogi ako kay Kaj

  3. Very nice words from good friends. :-)I'm a good guy too.:-)