He Says

*sigh*, emo na naman si Eben; nakaka-relate ako sa post na ito. Mas nahihirapan ako pag ganyan ka. Smile! - though your heart is aching..

"He was calling out your name, so as to let you know how much he loves you, but you cupped your ears with your bare hands. Your deep set eyes were closed to notice his existence and your shoulders remained cold. He’ll be gone forever that even if you beg to reclaim him from Triton’s bastion, he’ll never come back. Now it’s your turn to raise your voice and plead."

-Yet Another Fiction, Finding Eben


Honga pala, patalastas muna. Congratz nga pala sa classmate kong si Raniel (for a healthy baby Girl) at sa officemate kong si Oliver (for a bouncing baby boy). Wag niyo ako lapitan para mag-ninong sa binyag. Haha! Ayoko nang may inaanak. Aanakan muna.

5 Reaction(s) :: He Says

  1. wow! bawal tumanggi pag inalok ka maging ninong.... NINONG KA!!!!

  2. Hindi bawal iyon. Binati lang kita.

  3. so kailan ka naman? :)

  4. I just drop by to say hi, how are you? Medyo busy din ako lately and kenneth too and i think lani also. hopefully if not possible this month sana by may matuloy na. hope to hear from you soon sana txt kasi i dont get on line all the time.

    ciao ^_^

  5. @enhinyero
    kelan na alin? manganganak. hehe.

    naku. hindi ko na alam kung matutuloy pa ba tayo. lalo na't busy pa rin ang iba kahit april na.