He Says

"There's a reason why people say we shouldn't expect too much, no one wants to see someone they care about end up disappointed. We instinctively act to protect our own from being hurt, and do what we can to make the right choices for people we love. But the reason we have expectations in the first place, is because we want to aim as high as we can. Because when you love someone, there's no limit to what you can accomplish."
-Matt, Kyle XY / Re-quote XP's How I Wish entry

3 Reaction(s) :: He Says

  1. haaay expectations yun na lang ang masasabi ko.

  2. hay..kasi lovers set standards, demand perfection. kaya ayun pag, hindi ok, naging mortal na magkaaway.

  3. mas mabuti pang wag na lang mag expect tayong lahat kesa umasa naman pero walang nangyayari.