Inspired again

thanks ulit DK, kahit retire ka na sa blogging world - hindi mo pa rin binubura ang blog mo at dahil diyan marami ang na-iinspire sa entry mo everytime they try to read it again and again. Hindi ako magsasawa sa mga entries na nakalagay dito. It always remind me to cheer up and think positive despite sa mga obstacles/problems/frustrations etc. na pinagdadaanan ko ngayon..

"And as we lay together, our skins still touching, telling tales of the days that passed by when we were apart, my mind drifted to the coming year. For I know there will be challenges that we will face. We will have our share of arguments, even fights that we will need to mend. But then, here we are. After fourteen months. Still together. Still getting stronger. So I hold his hand and said to myself that no matter what, I will not let him go. No matter what.


I don’t believe in horoscopes or in fortune telling. But that should not hinder me from hearing what they have to say. “Keep an open mind” I always say. But of course, I always trust my heart. A great general once said “My greatest advantage is that I know my enemy.” I guess I’m thinking on the same line as he did. But nevertheless, I will follow my heart. And my heart tells me that no matter what, I will not let this relationship falter. I love MB so much it hurts."
-14, DK's The Love Room

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  1. in a way i also miss him...

  2. hehe. sino ba yun ewik? andaya nyo nde pa tayo nagkikita. hehe!