Tips from the Sages - Hook-ups

Key Words to Remember..
  • Observe - how they behave and deal with you.
  • Analyze - the situation and see if the prospect is positive.
  • Announce - Make your presence felt to grab and keep their attention.
  • Parry - Once they make a move, elude but not too much that it turns them off.
  • Yield - Only when you feel you have parried enough.
  • Appreciate - Once the deed is done. Thank them and make them think they did you a favor. It boosts up their ego and increases your chances of hooking up with them again. Besides, it's always polite to say thanks.

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  1. magawa nga ang tips mo..

    babalitaan kita kung

  2. lol. kulang pa yan. may mas comprehensive pa courtesy of a friend!