He Says

I don't get this reality. i really, really, really don't. i've been a good person. a really nice guy. I've been there when people needed me, even when they weren't there for me when i needed them. I figure that by now, I would have enough good karma to actually deserve a break from this shitty life, and meet someone nice who will totally adore the awesomeness of me.

but no.

...and i'm just really, really, really tired.
-Sat, Apr. 11th, 2009, 07:00 am entry, Immam's Blog

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  1. we don't do good things because we expect good things in return...

    we do them because it makes us feel good.

  2. yeah!
    dOnt get tiRed of being that,,,

    juSt be hu u R...

  3. buti na lang nde ako ang nagsabi niyan kundi masasabunan ako ni pareng gil, thanks mark sa comment.

  4. wala lang... kilala na kasi kita... nagpopost ka ng mga "he says" na post if you either agree or like something that's written...

    naisip ko lang, off yung statement niya na yun... tsaka with what happened to you recently... eh medyo sa tingin ko nakakarelate ka...


  5. ahaha. kilala mo na nga ako talaga gil.