He Says

"Let this serve as a warning to those who start to love to make sure that it really is it. If you plan to just play the game as an experiment to test if you guys are really compatible - then by all means have the balls to be vocal and lay down the ground rules right from the start. This way, it should be easy to run to the fire exit if one can't take the heat anymore and not worry about burning the other person too much in the process.

Let this also serve as a warning to those who believe in fighting for love - that fighting by yourself will only get you only so far. Remember that it's a relationship between two individuals and that it should be fought side by side. One will definitely lose fighting a battle built for two individuals anyway. Go ahead for the experience but just guard yourself in the fact that it can get really ugly.

Let this also serve as a notice that if one is looking to grow old with another person - then stop looking for ideals, for other people, for past loves, and for unrealistic expectations/compromises. Just be real and work together with whoever you're with for it. Soulmates are rare to come by anyway."
-Finding Lukayo, Lukayo's Blog

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  1. hindi ako makacomment ng maayos hindi dahil sa hindi ako makarelate.. pero may mga points na tumagos eh...

  2. ako nga rin mami yanah. kaya naman nilagay ko ito mula kay Lukayo na siyang naka experience mismo.