He Says

I can't believe that I am into the 2nd year of the two most wonderful years of my life. I used to envy my friends whose relationships would reach that point where they start counting the years and not the months they were together.

Thinking about it now, I don't think we even started counting the months. It all happened so fast, *** seemed like yesterday. I guess you don't really notice time when you're enjoying yourself-- or when you're in love.

-My 2nd Year Anniversary, Jae's IceKnight

4 Reaction(s) :: He Says

  1. 5 years now, and counting. :)

  2. whoa. hang-tagal na ah. sana umabot rin kami ng taon.

  3. it's not how long you spent your times together, parang sa kantang what matters most, is that you love at all. of course, I wish you well at forever na sana kayo Jin

  4. so true yan xtian. what matters most is that mahal mo yung tao. kahit gaano kaiksi o kahaba pa yan.