Letter to the boy

Dear Jin,

Life is indeed unfair at some point but why allow it to swallow your whole being. Instead of stressing your self too much, show life that he cant beat you off because you may not have everything but you have some things that are enough to knock him down.

I honestly don’t know how I can make you feel a little better and I do understand your agonies but I’ll try…since I kept bugging you on going out and you keep saying NO, I’ve talked to ken (the band member) and found out that like you he also loves nature tripping…and I was thinking that instead of planning the reunion AGAIN why not plan to go out of town week end lang…if teacher lani cant make it the 3 of us will be fine…I know naman you’ll behave kundi lagot kayong dalawa kay mama kilala naman nya mama nyong pareho (“,)

Umm,,,tagaytay, bataan, pangasinan (if we choose this place may friend ako na taga dito) pero meron or wala we’re old enough to take care of ourselves and besides dyan naman si EDI (eh di mag tanong..nyak corny).

Nevertheless, I just want to inform you that you’re SJES friends are just around….without any second thought..just give us a txt (I bet kasi di ka tatawag txt lang talaga hahaha).

Cheer up mister ever serious cute silent brilliant boy (“,)

Sincerely yours,

Donna Makulit

P.S..kaw din if you keep on stressing yourself baka kapag natuloy ang REUNION natin eh isipin ng iba teacher ka namin hindi na classmate…joke lang po mwuah.

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  1. serious cute silent brilliant boy

    ---> i like that!

  2. hayz stalker. ayaw magpakilala!