Sagada Adventure (Day 4)

5.30am trip, sobrang kapal ng fog sa daanan

stopover after 2 hrs, with Mami Yanah

Mountain province community (viewpoint)

yes! finally after 6 hour trip

one of the few hanging coffins found at Sagada

another burial area, this time on the ground

message to the spelunkers

entrance to Sumaging Cave

the adventure starts

the cool and pristine water

one of the cave's scenic wonders

danger! deep water beneath

teh three who conquered Sumaging Cave

rice terraces near the cave

2 Reaction(s) :: Sagada Adventure (Day 4)

  1. inggit ako.. huhu

    ang ganda dun sa mga caves gusto ko din magpunta dun


    by the way, ang gwapo mo are you aware of that?

    im not jokin ah :)

    you're really cute especially your smile


  2. hala me ganun. thanks po, hiya naman ako