Teh Regrets

forwarded messages from Chacha..

1. mahal mo, lumayo ka, mahal ka pala
Girls/Boys are tend to walk away from the person they like/love as they afraid to face the fact that they doesn't loved back. what if it doesn't work out? or what if she/he doesn't feel the same? but if it it does? maraming what if?

2. mahal ka, manhid ka naman
There are some situation that girls/boys want to hear from the person they like/love what you feel. Although they said actions speak louder that words, di ba?

3. naghiwalay kayo, biglang gumanda/gumwapo
These happen when girls/boys treasure they're PRIDE to prove to the person they like/love that they are better than the others. "Better that your ex.. and better than your next"

4. mahal mo na, ayaw na niya
You will realize the value or how you like/love these person when they are gone. But don't expect that after they walk away from you they will loved you back. There are people who are getting tired of waiting or can find someone who can loved them back. More than what you could give.

5.mahal ka nmn, takot ka lng
Excuses.. Afraid of getting hurt..to the extend you keep your feelings.. it is a risk to love. a risk worth taking..

6. masyadong torpe, nakuha ng iba
If you love someone say it before its to late. Before you regret that you didn't have the chance to show how these person means to you.

7. masyadong pakipot, umayaw tuloy
This is for the Girls who intend to give thier suitors a hard time. hehe.. If you like/love a person don't afraid to take a risk to be with him. And if you doesn't loved him back say it. Coz he is also expecting and waiting to be loved.

3 Reaction(s) :: Teh Regrets

  1. i can totally relate sa 5 out of 7 na nabanggit. hahaha!

  2. what a friend used to say: you may have regrets but dont live on them. :)

  3. ouch talaga, ngayon lang nag sink in ang mga nakasulat