He Says

There's nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as death. All living matter ages over time and eventually dies. No matter how mighty or tiny its life force. So being alive means you're creeping closer to death with every second. But there's none of that here. No one and nothing ages. Nothing wastes away. This quiet, boundless, and beautiful world. An ideal world, straight out of a fairy tale, isn't it? A place and time that belongs to no one. Res nullius. It's because this is a future that was eliminated!!! History is composed of choices and divergences. Each choice you make creates a new world and brings forth a new future. But at the same time, you're eliminating a different future with the choices you didn't make. A future denied of all existence because of a change in the past. A future that was destroyed before it was even born rests here. condensed into the Dead Sea.
-Miguel, Chrono Cross

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  1. Chrono Cross has got to be one of the best games in terms of graphics, music, and SCRIPT!!! I love the way the game feeds you with philosophical and oftentimes moral teachings without sounding a bit too preachy...

    Na-miss ko tuloy ang game na to..

  2. honga eh/ plus the music ang ganda ganda ng intro nya parang inuugoy ka sa duyan. kakamiss nga eh.