of being [Single]

"Singleness isn't something that happens to a person because of luck, bad genes, or by whatever force outside the person's realm of control or knowledge. Being single is in fact, a choice. I have learned that before one can truly love somebody, one must completely love and wholly accept oneself first -- and that can only happen if one is single, happy with the world, and with no regrets or contempt in life.

Yes, being single at times could be lonely, but that's a fact we need to learn and accept. I'd rather be single rather than be in a strenuous relationship. In my experience, a couple in a straining relationship cannot properly learn and grow from one another, while a person content in being single can learn almost everything and anything from almost anyone."
-Singleness, Rudolf's One Midnight Wolf

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  1. Enjoy life kuya... :)

  2. enjoy ang pagiging single... maraming pwedeng gawin na hindi mo na magagawa pag married ka na..kaya enjoy your singleness, explore the world of being single parekoy!

  3. like! :)

  4. masarap single brad...

    enjoy lng

    pag 30 kana pwede na..hehehe

  5. thanks sa mga comment pero hindi po sa akin ang post na yan, kay midnight wolf, excerpt lang yan, pero syempre hindi ko naman post yan pag hindi ako nakaka-relate