Contrary to what everyone is saying, I think you shouldn't regret anything and value the time when you said no because your instinct was telling you that he/she's not "the one" because you don't like his/her character. I'm a firm believer in trusting one's instincts because trusting one's gut is trusting oneself. We owe to ourselves only the best person, thing, circumstance that we deserve given that we are the best person as well.

You mentioned the superficial like physical attributes, intelligence of the other person, and while these are attractive traits, long-term relationships and/or commitment are sustained by the goodness of character of a person, not really by good looks or intelligence. I believe that intelligence is in the totality of the person. Someone who has a great sense of humor can be intelligent: hell it's hard to crack up a joke that makes everyone laugh!

I say learn to take things lightly next time. Go out and meet people not necessarily as a prospective partner but just for a friendly date. Dating is, after all, a testing ground. It's not like he/she's going to be permanent. Enjoy and allow the circumstance to put you in the right place, at the right time. Do not restrict yourself. Just let things flow.
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