The Love That I'll Never Have

Ladies and Gentlemen: Good Afternoon. Try to look at the sky, do you think it’s gonna rain? It so amazing to feel rain, the water that flows into you is unstoppable, sometimes raging so fast or maybe gently pours down. Rain is like love. What is love? Love is a very powerful word. It is an unstoppable emotion that is supposed to be felt by every one of us. When someone is in love, actions are set to do in order to show the love and to bind it into a relationship. See that’s what love can do, but does the same thing happen to all of us? The answer is no, there are some love which are not bound to happy ending. Sad but that’s a fact that becomes a part of the Earth’s rotation.

How can you tell to someone that you’re in love with him/ her? It’s too hard, isn’t it? It takes a lot of courage but sometimes the bravery that you have will turn into misery. A thing that can ruin you or mold you to be a better person. Is it fair? I think it is because having the courage to love you should also have the courage to suffer too and love without pain is impossible.

Love can be magic but as we all know magic can sometimes be an illusion. Why can’t it be real? There are certain reasons why can’t we have the love that we are aiming for. Listen to the following phenomena. First, let me ask you, “Who are your celebrity crushes?” have you ever think that a famous celebrity have a feeling for you? Well if you answered a big yes you might be experiencing erotomania a phenomena in which you think a celebrity is falling in love with you and you think that person is your soul mate. Sounds impossible, isn’t it? But it is happening most especially to the teen-agers. Next, who is your best friend? Who are you’re friends? I can tell you who you are by knowing them but I can’t tell if you’ll be falling in love with each other. Respect is what attached person in friendship and it is set to be destroyed by love especially at the end of your story. How about this, is there anyone on your same sex that arouse your interest or maybe a member of your family that you want to build in with? Its more complicated because here people involved thinks about what the people that surrounds them are set to think, it seems like you care a lot about what the society has to say. When we fall in love, it’s the soul that is captured and fighting with it will not be easy. Those alibis are good excuses why can’t you have the love but what if there’s nothing really wrong. What if the reason is just simply the person just don’t like you? That’s the hardest reason possible I think.

The heart broken times, the time where in you're saying that you're an idiot falling for the wrong person. There are times that you're all alone, sleeping and waiting to be woke up by him/ her but unfortunately, and no face appeared as you open your eyes the next morning. We usually do certain things in order to erase that person in your mind. One would probably said that finding another love is the best thing others may moved on with their life and do a lot of things and making their selves busy by giving time for their family, studies, career or even social life. But is forgetting someone who put scar on your face that easy? No, some would probably be stuck in that moment, be a hostage of the love and be trapped there, believing, being faithful, and learning to love without anything in return.

What’s the best option among the list that I have given a while ago? Actually it depends on the person; whatever the choice is let’s respect it. Whatever it is the love inside will never die, still remaining there. I think loving someone without anything in return is a big blessing, its true love, the love that everybody wants but unfortunately ignoring it when its there. The efforts you have would where simply be wasted. It is somewhat like there's a glass that fell on your feet and the blood is already dripping but that person just looks at you, still unconscious, looking but never knew that you did that to get the attention. You'll be doing that until the time that you realized that you became addicted. In your thoughts, in your dreams, that person is always there. He/She is like a leech that sucks blood from you and you can't breathe and you can't see the world without him/her, that person has taken over you and you realized that you need to be fixed.

On the time that you realized you lose yourself and the damage has been done for you, that's the time wherein all you think is how to fight the feeling, how to kill it, it is the hardest part in love. Why are you afraid of losing that person when you know that he/she is not aware that you exist? Forgetting someone is not easy, one must solve the problem in order to forget and its not easy that why the next best option is set to come, to avoid, try to let go. Letting go is not to forget, not to think or to ignore. It doesn't have any feelings of sadness, emptiness, hatred, anger, jealousy or regret. It’s not about pride and it’s not dwelling on the past or blocking memories. Most of all it’s not about giving up and being a loser. To let go is to cherish the memories, to be thankful to the memories that made you laugh, cry and grow but to overcome it and moved on. Its learning, experiencing and growing molded together. It’s having a confidence in the future. Letting go is having the courage to accept change and accept there are things that cannot be, and the strength to keep moving. It’s to open a door and to clear a path and set yourself free.

You realized that the time of departure is already there and as we travel we carry something with us. Everybody would probably agree that its nice to travel with someone who can lighten up our load, but usually its easier to just drop what we've been carrying so we can get to our destination sooner even though there's still no place to land on. Where will we go? Why do we clutch at that baggage even when were desperate to move? Because we still believe that a chance is still there and believing on it, letting go will not be possible instead we walk away to the lovely sunshine that is waiting for us and do the same mistake again, instead of killing it, you already lose control and waking up from this nightmare seems impossible and all you can do is to pray let it be over.

Ladies and gentlemen, a while ago I said that in order to feel love I must be ready to suffer. I feel bad because you, the one who opened my heart was not the one for me but do I have the right to blame you? The answer is no because you didn't asked for it but did you ever realized that you did something to me one day, the day you break my suit of armor by simply taking over me. I'm not the same person I was 2 days ago since that day. Something is different and I can't figure it out and I know I can’t never be that me again. I call your name over and over, like a refrain. I became your hostage; you ate me and leave me like the last piece of cookie in the jar, all alone and broken. I’ve been lickin’ my wounds but the venom seeps deeper and I’m about to break that’s why I need to walk away from you that's why I cried a river and made a bridge that I’m about to pass. I know I can pass the bridge without looking back at your side, without regretting that I passed it. The time that I can be on the other side of the bridge, smiling and facing the lovely day that I've should felt before when I was with you. I know that day will come, very soon, very very soon.
-from PEX

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