[Broken Promise]..

"You know that I am afraid of really telling what's on my mind. I can't stand seeing in your eyes confusion, anger or sadness if I say this to you personally. Hence, this piece. I hope you know that I wanted to see in there only happiness.

A couple of days ago, you shared this song - Simple Things - on your facebook page. I'd like to tell you that the lyrics hit close to home. It seemed like every word, every phrase was created for the sole purpose of bringing back memories I shared with you. You know I don't like listening to music but this one, I must admit, evoked feelings I've been hiding deep inside. This song made me cry.

The song reminded me what we could have been. We could have been sexy together - always felt like that whenever we stroll around Session. We could have been genius together - imagine two smart people brought together, we could have been limitless together. But above all these, We could have been happy together. If only we're still together.

The happiness you gave left a lasting impression on me and I couldn't bear to think about the possibility that I might not get that from anyone else now that we're already separated that's why I agreed to make a pact with you.

I know you don't believe on this, but I promised you forever once more when circumstances beyond our control change. Now, I believe that those will remain beyond our reach. We will never be able to control them. For this, I ask you to relieve me of keeping the promise of forever. I can no longer give that to you.
-Simple Together, the Last Innocent Man

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