Heritage City of Vigan (Part 3)

The Syquia Mansion which houses President Qurino’s extensive memorabilia is actually owned by his
wife, Dona Alicia Quirino. Her ancestor was a Chinese who made his fortune in the robust trading in Vigan. Sy Kia’s pride in his Asian heritage can be seen by visitors to the Syquia mansion where they can view a portrait of him with his braided long hair and traditional Chinese robes. His descendants adopted the hispanized Syquia surname later on. Inside the Syquia Mansion one will marvel at the huge rooms filled with not only Philippine antiques but also those from countries all over the world. There are huge oil portraits of the family, with three identified as being done by national artist Fernando Amorsolo. There is even a huge replica of Juan Luna’s Spolarium, which was painted by the national hero and painter’s assistant. (Source: Vigan.ph)

one of the century old antiques found on the mansion

dragon jar dates back to the Ming Dynasty as a gift of the Emperor to the Syquia's

The St. Augustine Parish Church (also known as Bantay Church) in the town of Bantay. This baroque-gothic style church is one of the oldest in Ilocos Sur (built in 1590) and features a separate belfry on top of a small hill a few meters away- which affords a superb view of the mountains in neighboring province of Abra on one side and with the South China Sea on the opposite side. The church was damaged during World War II and was reconstructed in 1950 with the restored façade now with a neo-gothic design with touches of Romanesque elements. The belfry, which also served as a lookout for approaching enemies (thus the word Bantay means “to guard”), along with the church was constructed using forced labor. (Source: Flicker)

Shrine of our Lady of Charity, St. Augustine Church, Bantay, Ilocos Sur

panoramic view of Bantay cemetery from Bantay Bell tower

Santino wannabee

Panoramic view of Mindoro Beach
Mindoro Beach is not exactly a beach paradise. Tourists most likely would prefer going to the more popular white beaches of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte (northernmost part of Luzon). The sand is dark (reportedly due to magnetite), the water is far from calm, and the waves can be intimidating. In fact, the shore is lined with Xbloc breakwater armors, and the resort building itself is elevated to protect it from the strong waves. Even so, what Mindoro Beach lacks, it makes up for with breath-taking views, calming beach sounds, and friendly locals. Some people even say that if you offer to help the fishermen haul their catch towards the shore, they will give you some of their fish for free! (Source: Lomography)

though it's not as beautiful as other white sand baches found in Ilocos, i would still like this area because of tranquility and breathtaking sunset scenes plus hindi pa siya crowded and mararanasan mo talaga ang peace of mind

enjoying the sand!

planking, kitang kita ang taba, haha!

Mira Hills is a favorite picnic spot because it is filled with trees and is home to some species of birds kept in an aviary. There is also a swimming pool and amphitheater at the park to tempt visitors to take more than just a walk and a quiet sit under a tree. Its elevated location also makes it a great place for a panoramic view of the city and its surrounding barangays, mountains and sea. (Source: Vigan.ph)

na stuck ata yun gulong ng kalesa

i dunno kung para saan ang tower na ito or decoration lang siya

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