Other secrets of the Cordillera

thanks Sir JB for this post, kala ko wala nang pwedeng puntahan sa Cordilleras, ang dami pa pala, hopefully if not this year, kasama siya sa February destinations ko after Sagada.. ^^;

Besides Baguio, Sagada and Banaue there are parts of the Cordillera that "tourists" miss but travelers and adventurers will want to go, here are some of those places that are off the beaten track....

  • Kiangan, Ifugao - of course Banaue is the more famous place in Ifugao but the sleepy town of Kiangan also has it jewels like the waterfall, General Yamashitas shrine and the rice terraces in Kiangan matches or far exceeds the beauty of the ones in Banaue.
  • Barlig, Mt Province - jump off point to Ifugaos highest peak, Mt Amuyao (you will pass thru Cambulo and end up in Batad)
  • Brgy Mainit, Bontoc, Mt Province - the hot springs are right smack in the middle of town and steam is a main stay 
  • Whang Od, Kalinga's cultural treasure - http://www.larskrutak.com/articles/P...es_/index.html
  • The Kabayan mummies in Timbac - there's a mountain trail just past the Highest Point in Km 53 Atok, Benguet and there is a small sign that says "Mummy caves of Timbac, Kabayan, Benguet 6 kms" and it has one of the most scenic trails (with Mt Pulag looming in the background). 
  • The Kabayan mummies in Kabayan proper - a much farther ride than Timbac but does not involve some steep steps and going up a mountain trail, some of the mummies are in a museum at the muncipal hall compound and also one can go to some of the caves.
  • Apo Anno's burial cave Sitio Nabalicong, Natubleng, Buguias, Benguet - one of the famous mummies, his body was stolen in the 1920's and is now in his final resting place, its 4 kms away from Halsema Highway in Brgy Natubleng, just look for the huge cement carrots and your on the right track (need to trek though as the trail is rough)
  • The pine forests in Bokod, Benguet - a nice place to relax and view the natural wonder of the Cordilleras.
  • Mt Clitoris in Bauko, Mt Province - just see for yourself 

There are still alot more and if you guys have been to one, kindly add it here and the Cordilleras are still largely unexplored.

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