Back Home..

Although the town looks very familiar, except for the new buildings, businesses, and roads that were built and for some that have been taken down, not having gone home for seven years still made me feel like a total stranger. I rode a tricycle to take me to the house. It was fairly 3 kilometers from the town proper. I can see the rice fields all green and golden brown. Some were ready to be harvested. The sun shining bright brought some warmth on the Saturday morning. The air was fresh. The rustic environment was enough to bring about the nostalgia of my childhood, and growing up in the countryside. Sad and happy memories started rushing through  my mind.  What if I had not dropped out of college and left? What could have been my life then, and what could it be now? Too many questions. But no answer came up. Getting off the trike, I know that I’m finally back home. Seven years after.
-Going Home: Seven Years After, Jared's Supladong Irish

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