I Am Human

"We are weak. We make mistakes. We are lulled into making mistakes just by the simplest temptations. We surrender to our weaknesses right away. We commit mortal sins, ask for forgiveness, and commit them again just because of some petty tempting whispers of evil. We easily break apart. Our emotions are like eggshells that are so easy to crack. Our minds are not overloading with information. We don't know everything; we don't know a lot. We study and still know nothing. We surrender after every failure. We are easily consumed by our own selves.

Whenever we fall, we surrender until we see a tiny glow of hope, which we turn into a fiery light of success the moment we stand up. We learn after every mistake and use what we learn the next time we face another combat. We have weak emotions, but we always have a way of moving on and getting out of the shell in which we try to hide while mending. We don't know everything, but somehow, each of us has a unique way of figuring things out. We are lured into committing sins, but we learn in the process until we could finally overcome the temptations. We might learn things the long and hard way, but learning that way makes the lessons harder to forget. We don't have shortcuts, and people who learn the hard way are the hardest ones to break. No alien could ever do that."
-Human and Proud, Czar Caleb's Blog

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