of Time

"I guess the reason time is moving too fast is because we all can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next. The good book told us that if we want something, let’s think that we have already received it and it will be given to us. A good friend told me too that when I do something that would need a result, I’d have to do a mantra to make a positive result, which I think is also the reason I am where I am now. My mentor when I was still struggling told me to fake it til I make it. To cut it short, it all equates to same thing: we attract what we want, well unless, we work hard for it.

Time is everyone’s concern. It is of the essence. Some of us would like time to pause for a while so we can have time to think. As much as it can be possible, most people in the world are more concerned about what’s going to happen next and would really look forward to that. Can’t blame them cuz I’m like that too. Well, I’m bipolar actually when it comes to that. Today, I want you fast either because there’s an event I can’t wait to happen or because I wanna escape from problems then tomorrow, I want you to stop because I realized I wanna be brave enough to make some manly decision and be able to find time to resolve them too."
-Hands of Time, Why You So Fast?, AJSP's Blog

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