An ankle sprain is the most common type of ankle injury. It usually involves an inversion twist of the foot that injures the outer ligaments of the ankle. It usually occurs unexpectedly with an awkward step off a stair or curb or a trip or step onto an uneven surface. When the outer ligaments are sprained, they can tear fully or partially. Sprains are generally graded as mild, moderate, or severe. Mild sprains may not cause ligament damage while severe sprains involve ligament rupture. With severe ankle sprains there is always the concern that the same twisting injury can fracture the ankle bones, which presentation can appear similar to a sprain. Therefore, x-rays are needed to rule out this possibility. Treatment for severe sprains involves a brace or cast. Any ankle injury that does not resolve in a few days should be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist. source- http://www.ankleandfootnorthwest.com

Already on my 2nd week of this type of injury tapos, papasok pa. Sana nga gumaling na siya at more than 2 weeks na rin ako hindi masyado nagkikilos. Hopefully makasali na ako at makapag practice sa pagtakbo pag gumaling na siya.

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  1. balutan mo ng bendahe

  2. hehe, angkle brace ba un?