True Happiness

".. Looking back to the life I used to have in Manila working for a financial company, I realized that the trade off is a good deal. As a humanitarian worker, my time is not mine and home is anywhere I am assigned to. Keeping a relationship is difficult too since I cannot be in one place for a very long time. But the deal comes with a package I can never compare to anything – the smile of people’s faces, their stories, their landscapes, and their hope. And luckily, I have the best person to stick with me through and through.


As for me, I found the answers in that empty street in Iligan. Jamil made me realize that doing that which I am best at is the only way I can be truly happy. That it is worthwhile to offer my time for others. That though I know my actions are not enough to change the society, one significant struggle is enough to challenge the absurd. And that the inspiration we long can come from a single effort to roll the window."
-Sing, Jamil, sing, Elias' Cacoethes Scribendi

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